All  Students will finish quizzes on google classroom from last week by Thursday for a test grade!

    7th Grade Math
     Identifying Proportional versus Non-Proportional Relationships HW 1-3 all
    Graphing Proportional Relationships on the Coordinate Plane HW 1-3 all
    All HW due on Thursday this week!
    7th Grade Preap Math

    Representing Relations using Ordered Pairs, mappings, tables, and graphs HW 1-5 all

    Representing Linear Functions Using Tables and Graphs HW 1-9 all

    All HW due on Thursday this week!





    Mrs. Dempsey's Daily Schedule:
    1st Period:  Teacher Conference
    8:45-9 :34
    2nd Period: 7th Grade Math
    3rd Period : 7th Grade PreAp Math
    4th Period: Advisory
    Titan Time/ Lunch
     Advisory (Titan Time/Lessons) 
    5th Period: 7th Grade PreAp Math
    6th Period:  7th Grade Math
    7th Period: 7th Grade Math
    8th Period: 7th Grade Math
    Tutoring Schedule: Thursday and Friday 8:20-8:40
    Math One



    My Education & Teaching Background

    Hello!  My name is Christy Dempsey.  Welcome back to the 2017-2018 school year!  This is my 5th year at Tippit Middle School. I am so excited to be teaching 7th grade Math again at Tippit Middle School!  I have a Bachelor's of Science in Multidisciplinary Studies with a minor in Mathematics.  I graduated from Texas Tech University (Go Red Raiders!!) in December of 1999. This is my 16th year to teach. I am currently working on my Master's Degree to become a school counselor. I will also be a counselor intern in the spring here at Tippit!  I am very excited about this! My teaching background involves teaching Computers, Art, Kindergarten, 8th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math, 6th Grade Math, 6th Grade (all subjects), 6th Grade Social Studies,  2nd Grade(all subjects), and 5th Grade Math.  I love working with kids and making a difference in their lives!  
    I have been married to Coach Dempsey (Athletic Coordinator here at Tippit) since 2008.  We have a son named Tucker, and he will be turning 5 in November!  We have lived in Georgetown for over 4 years now, and are very excited about working with the Tippit students again this year!  I am very anxious to build a great relationship with my students and prepare them for the future!  Have a great school year!  
    Mrs. Dempsey