Mr. Kelly Robinson III - 6th Science



Degrees and Certifications:

Masters - Human Resources Management - Chapman University Bachelor of Applied Science Resource Management - Troy University 4-8 Grade Generalist Certification

Mr. Kelly Robinson III - 6th Science

Greetings my name is Kelly Robinson III, my wife and I are both teachers we have five children two in high school and three in college. I honorably served and retired from the U.S. Army after twenty years. I participated in the Army Troops to Teacher Certification Program.  I started at Benold Middle School as a substitute teacher then a paraprofessional at McCoy Elementary in the 2013/14 school year. During 2014/15 school year I taught at Hearne Jr High. This is my third year of teaching at Benold,  I am excited to meet my new 6th grade science students.

I find Science to be extremely intriguing and very fascinating. I have been successful in imparting knowledge to students in this sometime difficult subject area. I am adept using multi-media technology in a way to enhance my students' ability to comprehend and master Science. I am a positive and motivated educator. I am truly committed to equipping my students your children with the essential tools needed to be successful not only in the classroom but in life. I am able to help my students to embrace and take ownership of their learning process. I seek to encourage my students to enjoy learning and to become life-long learners.

I truly believe on of my greatest strengths I have as a teacher are my ability to meet each students unique learning styles. I am able to do this by having an in-depth understanding of both my students' abilities and needs.

Look forward to having a great year in 6th Grade Science!

Phone: (512)943-5090 X6950  E-mail:


  • This year in Sixth Grade Science students will cover the following topics:

    -Intro to Science, Nature of Science, Measurements, and Energy: First Six Weeks
    -Energy, Motion, Forces and Energy Resources: Second Six Weeks
    -Chemistry, Classification of organisms and Ecosystems: Third Six Weeks
    -Rocks, Minerals, Dynamic Earth, and Space: Forth Six Week

    Mr. Robinson's Schedule:

    8:40 - Bell Rings to Enter the Building

    8:10-8:40 - Morning Tutorials Room 151 (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday)
    8:45-9:36 - First Period Science Core
    9:40- 10:46 - Second Period Science Core (Homeroom)
    10:50-11:20 - Third Period 6th Grade Lunch
    11:24-12:16 - (My Teacher Conference Period)
    12:20-1:12 - Fourth Period Science PreAp
    1:16-2:08 - Fifth Period Science PreAp
    2:12-3:04 - Sixth Period Science Core
    3:08-4:00 - Seventh Period Teacher Content Time