• Welcome to the Department of Special and Federal Programs!

    The Special and Federal Programs department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive network of integrated services which foster opportunities for all students to receive a quality education and become productive citizens regardless of disability or background.  Special and Federal Programs facilitate a wide range of programs and activities designed to support social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges on a student's educational path.  Teacher and parental support, as well as universal and targeted interventions are provided to meet students' needs in an effort to maximize their potential for success.
      Tiffani Walker
    Tiffani Carson-Walker
    Executive Director of Special and Federal Programs
    512.943.5000 x.6031

Special and Federal Programs Directory

Title First Name Last name Phone Email
Director of Special Education, Section 504/Dyslexia Melanie Kasper 512.943.5000 x.5008 KasperM@georgetownisd.org
Director of Federal Programs Maria Narvaez 512.943.5000 x.7887 Narvaezm@georgetownisd.org