Mr. Luis Román Sauceda

Phone: (512)943-1800 ext. 8076


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science - Mathematics (Class of May, 2016)

Mr. Luis Román Sauceda

Greetings my fellow Patriots,

I am so excited to be in East View High School. Originally, I was born and raised in Brownsville - the southernmost city in Texas.  Growing up, I frequently visited my parents' hometowns in San Luis Potosí, Mexico.  My native language is Spanish, but I am highly fluent in English and highly proficient in French.  Additionally, I graduated from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley with my Bachelors in Mathematics and a French minor.  During my undergraduate studies, I was accepted for enrollment for the study abroad programs, where I was given the opportunity to travel to England, Finland, Germany, Morocco, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Turkey.   Even more, I decided to secure a future in education because I have always felt on aiding others in their times of academic difficulties.  Because of this, I was always known for helping Math teachers and professors for volunteering to tutor other students.  It was from that point on that I decided on becoming a Math teacher some day.  While conducting my hours for my teaching certification, I was given the opportunity to attend an event in this beautiful city of Georgetown, Texas.  It was during this time that I decided to join Georgetown ISD and was eventually selected to be in East View High School - home of the most empowering, inspiring, and mighty Patriots.

Whether you are in my classroom or not, I hope to encourage and inspire you to continue to seek higher academic opportunities in the STEMs field - or any other program of study.



-Mr. Sauceda

  • Class/Course Information:

    Class Expectations:

    •       Be prepared!  Homework will be assigned almost every night.  Have your homework fully complete by the start of class.

    •       Participate in class!  Always be on task and ask questions when you have them.  If you are allowed homework time in class, use it or it will not be offered again.

    •       Cell phones are only allowed with my approval. 

    •       Cell phones will be picked up for all tests.


    •       A graphing calculator will be provided during class.  Grab your calculator at the beginning of each class period.

    •       It is highly recommended you have a calculator to use at home in order to do your homework.  If you do not have one, you may check out a calculator through me once a permission slip has been signed by you and a parent. 

    •       Alternatively, if you own a smartphone, then you most likely can download a free calculator app with the necessary computational power that will be essential for some of the coursework.

    TESTS: There will be at least three tests each nine weeks grading period. 

    •       Partial credit will only be considered if work is shown.  So, please, show me your work !!!

    •       Tests are to be taken independently; eyes on your own paper.

    •       If a written answer is required, use complete sentences.

    •       Mobile devices are to be turned in during testing and will be returned when class is over.  Consequently, any student that is caught with such device will be given a “0” on their test.


    What if you are absent?

    •       First thing you should do is check the class website to see what you missed!  Please do not wait until the next class period because you will already be behind at that point.

    •       Talk to your friends.  They are great resources to catch up on missed work.

    •       Copy notes from a friend or from your class spiral.

    •       Check your class folder for missed handouts.

    •       Missing homework should be turning in the next class period and missed quizzes and/or tests should be made up within 4 calendar days.

    •       If you are absent for a test, make arrangements with me to make it up.

    Retests and Late work:

    •       You will be allowed to retest and earn up to a 70 on any failing tests.  You have 5 calendar days to take your retest once you know the grade of the failing test.  Make arrangements with me to take the test outside of class time.  You are welcome to schedule in the mornings before school, lunch, and/or after school.

    •       Late work / Dropping grades vote.  If you submit an assignment late, points will be deducted according to how many days have passed since it was due.  For every day, it is minus 10 points (-10).


    •       Before School : Monday – Friday starting at 8:10, except Wednesday morning.

    •       After School:  Monday – Friday until 4:30

    •       If I am unavailable but Mr. Tarleton or Mrs. Ray, or any other teacher in this hallway can help you.


                      9 weeks grade:                                                                                       Semester Grade:

                    30% - Daily Work/Homework/Activities                                                 1st 9 weeks – 40%

                    70% - Test/Exams/Projects                                                                       2nd 9 weeks – 40%

                                                                                                                                      Semester Exam – 20%



                                     “A” Day:                                                                                           “B” Day:

                           1st period:  Geometry - 8:40-10:10                                                       6th period: Geometry - 8:40-10:10

                           2nd period: DB Geometry - 10:15-11:45                                              7th period: Conference - 10:15-11:45

                           3rd period: Geometry - 11:50-1:55                                                        8th period: DB Geometry - 11:50-1:55

                           4th period: FLEX - 2:00-2:35                                                                9th period: FLEX - 2:00-2:35

                           5th period: Conference 2:40-4:10                                                          10th period: Geometry - 2:40-4:10