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Miss Natalie Torres

¡Hola! I am the Spanish Teacher at Tippit Middle School. I am originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico but I just moved to Texas from Georgia. I have been teaching Spanish for four years. I graduated from Georgia Southern University, Go Eagles!. My passion is to share my knowledge of Spanish to others. Learning a second language can be fun and helpful. I love learning new languages so that I can communicate with other people with whom I wouldn't have been able to before. torresriveran@georgetownisd.org 





  • Class/Course Information 

    Welcome to Señorita Torres Spanish Class! I call this class a survivor's guide to Spanish. Why? Because the class will be about basic Spanish. If your student is in Spanish level I class this counts as a high school credit class. If your student is in Intro to Spanish it does not count as credit for High School but the goal is the same. What’s the goal? To learn enough basic Spanish to survive on a basic Spanish conversation.
    Do not laugh at your classmates.
    Be respectful
    Speak Spanish
    Bring your notebook and pencil
    Cannot leave classroom during the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of class.  

    Every Friday there will be a quiz about what we learned that week. 


    Period 1    Spanish 1
    Period 2    Spanish 1
    Period 3    Lunch
    Period 4    Spanish 1
    Period 6    Spanish 1
    Period 8    Exploring Languages