Ms. Stilwell

Phone: 512-923-5150 Ext. 7715


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Stilwell

I am very excited to be teaching at Forbes Middle School! I have been teaching for 15+ years and 12 of those years have been here in Georgetown. I am looking forward to this new teaching adventure.






















  • FMS  

    7th & 8th Grade Electives: Schedule

    1st Period: 8:25-9:15 (Tech Apps)

    2nd Period: 9:19-10:19 (Spanish)

    3rd Period: 10:23-11:13 (Yearbook-Media Pub)

    4th Period: 11:17-12:07 (Media Pub)

    5th Period: 12:11-12:41 (Lunch)

    6th Period: 12:45-1:35 (Spanish)

    7th Period: 1:39-2:29 (Planning)

    8th Period: 2:33- 3:01 (Advisory)

    9th Period: 3:05-3:55 (Media Pub)


  • I CAN






    *Watch Your Language- Students will exhibit courtesy and respect toward other students at all times. Hateful comments concerning race, gender, sexuality, political views, appearance, or of any other type will not be tolerated; this applies to serious as well as "joking" comments.

    * Keep Your Hands to Yourself- Physical contact of any kind is not permitted. Pushing, shoving, tapping, thumping, hitting, tripping, etc. will not be tolerated, even if you're "just playing".

    * Stay Seated- Do not walk around during class unless you've been given permission to do so. Have everything you need ready to go BEFORE class begins (sharpen pencils, get supplies, make-up work, etc).

    * Do Not Throw- If you need to throw something away, make sure that I am not teaching or just wait until the end of the class. WALK it to the trash can!

    *No Cell Phones- Keep them in your backpack or place in the box on my desk unless I specifically ask you to use them i.e. to look up information we all want to know in a discussion, etc. If your cell phone is a problem - you're looking at your phone screen for any reason- during class, I will hold it for you until the class is over. If it's a problem twice, I'll turn it into the Assistant Principal's office and you, or your parent, can get it back. 


    To summarize, there will be no tolerance for profane language, sexual harassment, racial comments, hurtful language, ridicule, or dangerous behavior that could harm someone either physically or emotionally. The focus of our classroom will be to behave in ways that are consistently safe, responsible, and respectful.


    *Each student is unique and has different needs than the next student, I do not have absolute, set policies for dealing with disrespectful, unsafe, or irresponsible behavior. This will be decided on a personal basis dependent on what I believe is the next best step of action to help the child make wiser decisions in the future.  






    Entering the Classroom

    Students are expected to enter the classroom without screaming, running, or otherwise causing a scene. Students who do not do this will be asked to leave the room and reenter. It is expected that as soon as you enter you will quickly pick up anything you need around the room while you are up (handouts, pencil sharpening, tissue, absent/make-up work, etc).


    Supplies Expected Each Day

    Binder--with loose leaf notebook paper and all current class notes

    Writing Utensil--you must use a pencil NO COLORED PENS in my class. Make sure you have a utensil that is issue free (sharpened, working eraser, pencil lead refills, etc) every day.


    **These are expected every day. I am not Office Max.**


    Leaving the Classroom

    If you need to leave the classroom for any reason, you must first get permission, unless you have an emergency. Please limit bathroom breaks to between classes, 10 minutes AFTER the beginning of class, and 10 minutes BEFORE the end of class. You will take the ORANGE bathroom pass with you. Do not disturb others when you return.


    Turning in Homework

    Homework should be turned into the class box on the table at the front of the room. Make-up or late work should be turned into me personally!


    Arriving Late

    You must physically be in the classroom when the bell rings. Your stuff does not count as you being on time.

    When you enter the room late (with or without a pass) do not come in explaining why you were late, that is a big distraction. Simply bring me your note (if you have one) and get started on the daily assignment as quickly as possible.



    On the day you return from an absence, check with me to get any missing work and turn in any homework assignments that you had knowledge of prior to your absence. Quickly get started with the daily assignment.