PE Coach Lane

    Assistant PE Coach Sarnoski

    Physical Education/Health K-5

    Cooper Elementary

    Georgetown, TX  78626 

    Phone: 512-943-5060  ext: 6654

    E-mail: laned@georgetownisd.org



     2017-2018 Class Schedule:

    8:45-9:35-2nd Grade
    9:35-10:25-Kinder and Pre-K
    10:25-11:15-5th Grade
    11:15-12:05-4th Grade
    12:35-1:25-3rd Grade
    1:25-2:15-1st Grade 
     Shoe Policy: Students attend PE every other day. They are required to wear rubber soled shoes to participate (no flip flops, sandals, or boots). Your child may bring proper shoes to school to change into on their PE days.
Last Modified on January 24, 2018