• Nathaniel Funk
    Georgetown G Nathanial Funk

    English I/Basketball/Football
    Georgetown High School
    Phone: 943-5000 x 7019
    Email: funkn@georgetownisd.org


    My Education & Teaching Background

    Coach Funk attended the University of Texas at Austin before transferring to Saint Edward’s University. There he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BA in Marketing in 2004.  After a period in the business world, he returned to his passion and began his coaching career in 2007 after receiving his alternative certification from the TeachQuest program.
    Coach Funk is in his sixth year of coaching, having coached at Gonzales High School for three years before making the move to Georgetown.  He teaches English and works for the both the Eagle football and basketball programs.

    English I:

    Course overview:

    The goal of EnglishI is for each student to increase and refine individual communicationskills.  Students are expected to plan,draft, and complete written compositions on a regular basis.  Students edit these compositions for clarity,engaging language, and the correct use of the conventions and mechanics ofwritten English, resulting in the production of final, error-free papers.  Students practice all forms of writing, withemphasis on responses to literary and expository text, research and expositorywriting. Vocabulary and word choice will be emphasized within the writingactivities. Students will also plan and execute research and write a MLA-formatresearch paper.  English I students read extensivelyin multiple genres, such as selected short stories, informational text, drama,novels, and poetry.  Students not onlylearn literary forms and terms associated with selections being read, but theyinterpret the possible influences of the historical context on literary works.

    Class Expectations:
    BE:-Present (Attendance)

    -Prepared (Supplies)

    -Proactive (Participate, don’t Procrastinate)

    -Polite (Respect)

    -Positive (No Insults Allowed)