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    National High School Mathematics Honor Society
    Georgetown High School Chapter
    Mu Alpha Theta is the National High School Mathematics Honor Society with over 113,500 student members by June each school year in more than 2,300 schools. We are dedicated to inspiring keen interest in mathematics, developing strong scholarship in the subject, and promoting the enjoyment of mathematics in high school students.

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    Who Can Join Mu Alpha Theta?

    Students currently enrolled in Pre-AP or AP Mathematics Courses (Algebra 2 or beyond) with an average of 80 or higher in all Pre-AP and AP math coursework may apply for membership. 

    Why Join Mu Alpha Theta?

    • Receive Recognition for your Achievements in Mathematics
    • Interact with Other Students who have Outstanding Academic Achievements
    • Membership in Mu Alpha Theta is great to have on College and Scholarship Applications
    • Opportunities to Participate in Fun Activities and Competitions at G.H.S. and Across the State
    • Receive Honor Cords to wear at High School Graduation

    How Do I Join? 

    Complete the application and return it to Mrs. Hise with dues by the deadline.  You will be notified, in writing, if you are admitted to Mu Alpha Theta.  If you are not admitted, your dues will be returned to you.  Application


    Mu Alpha Theta meets one or two times each month on a Tuesday afternoon from 4:00 - 4:45 p.m. in Mrs. Hise's classroom, Room 177.  Attendance at meetings is not mandatory, but is strongly encouraged.  Members have opportunities to earn extra credit in their math classes by competing in the statewide T.X.M.L. contest (Texas Math League) at some meetings during the year. 


    • Texas Math League (T.X.M.L.) - A six problem, 30 minute, math contest administered at six meetings each year.  Compete against students state-wide, with the use of a calculator.  High scoring G.H.S. Mu Alpha Theta members are honored at the Spring Banquet each year. 
    • The American Mathematics Competition (A.M.C.) 10 & 12 - A twenty-five problem, 75 minute, math contest administered two times each year.  Your higher score is accepted for the year.  Students in 10th grade take the A.M.C. 10.  Students in 11th and 12th grade take the A.M.C. 12.  Compete against students nation-wide (and in some other countries as well), without the use of a calculator.  The contest is held during school hours, and students will be released from class to compete.  High scoring G.H.S. Mu Alpha Theta members are honored at the Spring Banquet each year.  Students who score exceptionally high, may advance to an invitation-only contest called the American Mathematics Invitational Exam (A.I.M.E). 
    • The Mandelbrot Competition has 5 rounds during the year.  The contest does not allow use of calculators.  Each round is 40 minutes, and has seven questions.  
    • Some years we are able to travel to compete at the Texas A&M Math Contest in College Station and/or the Rice Mathematics Tournament in Houston, depending on funds raised. 


    See Mrs. Hise sponsor, in room 177, or talk to a current Mu Alpha Theta member. 

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