• Welcome to Coach Hammack's Algebra class! This is a great class, but requires quite a bit of work.  For many of you this will be the first math class that you've ever had to study for!
    I am available for tutorials each day during lunch. 
    This year I am going to be presenting the material to the students in a new and exciting way.  We will be "flipping" the classroom.  This means that you may not see me giving my students a lot of homework each night.  Instead, their homework will be to watch and take notes over a video that I am producing that introduces the next day's lesson, gives examples of problems that they will see the next day, and may have a special message in it that will benefit them #maybe a secret word or phrase that can be worth a couple bonus points#. 
    I am choosing to teach this way for a number of reasons.  First, many parents have had concerns in the past of not being able to help their students at home with homework assignments.  Since we are using this flipped model, most of the work will actually be done in class.  Students should be able to watch a video and take notes without the help of their parents. 
    Secondly, this frees me up to give individualized instruction to my students during class.  As with the traditional model, most of class time is spent in a "sit-and-get" model where I lecture and they take notes during class and then take an assignment home to work on.  Now we will have a short review of the previous night's lesson, answer any question about the concept, and then start our work.  I am now able to help individuals in the class with items that they might need some extra assistance on.  Hopefully, this will lead to a greater understanding of the material. 
    Thank you for your interest in your child's education.  I am extremely excited about this year and look forward to teaching you children.