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    Students who need a differentiated education are identified and their academic needs are met in the classroom staffed by certified G.T. teachers.
    Contact person:  Sara Newman, Counselor, 512-943-5072.
    ** GISD Gifted & Talented K-5 **
    If you would like to refer your child to be evaluated for the Gifted & Talented program, you may request a referral packet from your school counselor
    All GT testing is complete in Mid November each school year.
    Students receive counseling through individual/groups, crisis counseling and classroom guidance. Coordinator for GT - Mentor programs on campus. 
    Contact person :Sara Newman, Counselor 512-943-5072.
     Special Education
    Carver offers a wide range of services addressing academic, behavioral, and physical needs of students whose disabilities qualify them for individualized education plans. A student's school counselor can give information regarding the process for referral to the Special Education Department.
    Contact person is Teri Wilder, 512-943-5000x8518.
    What is Response-to- Intervention (RTI)? The RTI process is a multi-step approach to providing services and interventions to students who struggle with learning at increasing levels of intensity. The progress students make at each stage of intervention is closely monitored. Results of this monitoring are used to make decisions about the need for further research-based instruction and/or intervention in general education, in special education or both. The RTI process has the potential to limit the amount of academic failure that any student experiences and to increase the accuracy of special education evaluations. Its use could also reduce the number of children who are mistakenly identified as having learning disabilities when their learning problems are actually due to cultural differences or lack of adequate instruction. Information and data gathered by an RTI process can lead to earlier identification of children who have true disabilities and are in need of special education services.
  • Free and Reduced Lunch Program
    Students who turn in applications and qualify (based on the family's income and number of people in the home) receive free or reduced price lunch and breakfast every school day. Contact person is Erica Gil, extension 6711.

    Mentor Program

    Carver Participates in a district-wide program which matches students with adults in the community who would like to support and guide an child on the right path to early adulthood. The relationship, when satisfying to both parties, lasts for a minimum of one school year, and sometimes for several years.
    Contact person is Sara Newman, Counselor, extension 5072.

    Physical Health/Wellness
    The nurse is responsible for all the physical health/wellness needs of individuals at Carver. The nurse provides: medical care for school personnel and students, vision, hearing, assistance to students needing to access glasses, hearing aids, emergency dental care, and referrals for medical concerns. The nurse distributes medications (with parent consent), and goes on home visits to students with medical concerns. The nurse provides a list of chronically ill students to counselors and teachers, and serves as a resource for information about the needs of seriously ill students.
    Contact Carver Elementary School Nurse, extension 5071.

    Before and after school care is available at all grades for a fee. A few scholarships are sometimes available. YMCA students have access to some school facilities, such as the library, in supervised situations. Selected students also are receiving tutoring from certified teachers during their YMCA time.
    GISD contact person is Jan Williams, extension 5087. Carver before/after school contact is Dulce Chavarria, extension 5076 - after 1:30 pm.
    Literacy Team
    A group of specially trained teachers who work with the K-2 classroom teachers to support students' literacy development. Support is given in small groups in the classroom by certified teachers or a trained teaching assistant. Reading Recovery is an intense one on one program also available for those students demonstrating the need for acceleration in reading in 1st grade.
    Contact person, Donna Brent, extension 6706.