• For this assignment:
    1. Log into Destiny with your computer login and password.
    2. Open the Catalog tab.
    3. In the left sidebar, click Resource Lists.
    4. Add a list -- title it with your person and save. This tool will help with Works Cited list, i.e. citations.
    5. Start by searching the Destiny catalog and add any promising titles to your Resource List. Find the book and check to see if it answers at least some of your questions.
    6. Keep in mind that your person may be in a book that is part of a collective biography. Ask your librarian for suggestions. When you find either a biography or collective biography, add it to the Resource list by clicking the "Add to List" button.
    7.To find other information from digital resources, click the One Search tab in the Destiny search.
    8. Best starting digital resources will be World Book Online and Britannica Online. Also look under the Sharpe Online Reference results. To access the information without needing passwords, click the "Show" link under the resource icon.
    9. Sources found through One Search should also be added to the Resource List so that citations are available.
    10.Marshall Cavendish databases cannot be accessed through One Search at this time. Click on the Marshall Cavendish Database link on the Online Resources page on the Library web page. Get the login/password from your librarian. These databases have built in citation links..
    11. Also check additional links in the Pathfinder. Citations for these sources will need to be created as it is not part of the Destiny databases. Son of Citation Machine