General Information for 2017-2018

    Parent Info meeting:

    There will be a mandatory parent meeting on Aug. 24th @ 5:30 p.m. for all parents and athletes.  Please have the athlete and at least one parent attend this meeting. Important paperwork and information will be given at this meeting.

    Paperwork/Physical Forms: 

    Athletes must have ALL online paperwork complete, a cleared physical and catastrophic pay ($5) turned into the coaches before participating in athletics class or tryouts. All forms and links are available on our Lady Titan website.  Your daughter will not be able to try out for a sport or participate in athletics unless she has physical with a doctor and all paper work completed.  Deadline to turn in the physical and the required $5.00 insurance fee is August 28th to prevent removal from the athletic class.

    Practice/Workout Clothes:

    All athletes must be in our Lady Titan uniform every day to avoid extra conditioning and points taken off their grade.   Uniforms will be $30.00 and can be purchased once school starts from the Tippit Coaches. Coaches will let the girls know when grades will be taken for dressing out.  We will give them time to purchase the uniform and get their locker assigned and secure. Remember, you must remove ALL jewelry for practice and competition (NO EXCEPTIONS).  Please do not get your daughter's ears pierced during her season.  


    Volleyball tryouts will be held on August 21st and 22nd.   Seventh graders will tryout at 7:15 a.m. and gym doors will open at 7:00am. 7th graders will pick up their envelope at 4pm on Tuesday,8/22.  Eighth graders will stay after school until 5:30 Monday and Tuesday and will get tryout results in an envelope @ 5:30. Matches for volleyball will be on Thursday evenings, except for Monday, 10/30.  There are two tournaments in which attendance is mandatory, if you cannot commit to being at all games and tournament, please do not tryout. (If there are special circumstances, talk to the coaches prior to tryouts.) You must have all paperwork completed, physical on file, and athletic uniform to try-out. Please try to have everything complete of before Friday, Aug. 18th.

    Cross Country:

     Cross Country will begin the first week of school.  Most practices will be held at 6:45 a.m.  Meets for cross country are on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.  There will be one competition per week.  Additional information about practices will be handed out the first few days of school.  A physical must be on file in order to participate.  There may be a few after school practices to get acclimated with the weather.



    Basketball tryouts will be held after volleyball has started.  We will be sending out more info about basketball tryouts in late September or early October.


     Track begins on Mon, Feb. 5th.  All athletes will run track during the class period (no exceptions). Field events such as high jump, long jump, triple jump, shot and discus are optional and will be held after school until 5 pm.   Athletes will start working on field events in the fall to learn what they are best at.   Entries in meets are earned through timed and measured trials/jumps/throws.  Any athlete may challenge another athlete for their position during practice every week.


     Soccer tryouts will be held in April.  Games will begin the middle of April and we play until the last week of school.  There will also be a double header held on one Saturday during the season. More information when season is closer.


    The tennis team will have their own separate class period. If an athlete is only participating in Tennis, then they need to change their schedule to the tennis class.  If they are doing multiple sports, then they need to remain in the athletic period and will try out for tennis after school. Tennis tryouts are the last week of January for the spring season.

    District Competition:  

    Our athletic district will include Forbes, Benold, Hutto, Farley, Taylor, Liberty Hill, Elgin and now Wagner.  Wagner only has a 7th grade team, so the 8th grade will either have a bye or a scheduled game with a round rock team.


     If you make a team in volleyball or basketball, you will compete in two tournaments.  Attendance at those tournaments is mandatory.

    Missed Practices/Competitions:

    Please plan doctor visits around practice and games. All missed practices and competitions must be made up.  Athletes must have a note to miss workouts due to injury or illness that will be good for 2 days.  On third day we will have to have a doctor’s note on file. Please ask the doctor to write down specific instructions such as type of injury and an actual return date.  Athletes will still dress out and will do modified exercises that will not impact the injured area.

     We ask that you do not miss a practice or competition during volleyball or basketball to play in a club sport.

    Remind 101:  

    Please text 81010 with the following message, @ldytitan, to receive important info about Lady Titan athletics directly to your cell phone.  This is the fastest and easiest way for the coaches to communicate to you the latest info such as a canceled practice or changing of game times. All athletes and parents are encouraged to do this.

    Lady Titan Paperwork: (separate from online paperwork):

    Every athlete is required to have an information sheet on file.  This info includes: athlete info, parent info, UIL Behavior Expectations of Spectators, and the signature portion to the Lady Titan Athletic Policy.  You will receive the policy and it is yours to keep.  After you and your daughter have read it both of you will need to sign stating that you understand and will follow the rules of our program.

    Athletics is a full year commitment.  An athlete that quits will not be able to participate in the athletic program or any sport in the following years.

    We take great pride in our Athletic program and expect good work ethic, respectable behavior and commitment from each athlete. If an athlete is showing signs of tardiness, bad behavior choices or not being compliant with coach’s expectations, we will communicate with her and her guardians to see what can be done to help her succeed.  If we are still experiencing trouble, we will set up a meeting with coaches, teachers and admin.  Our mission is to help all of our athletes be successful by preparing for High school, both in the classroom and on court, find their strengths and set and reach their goals.

    This is just an overview of our athletic program.  

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time


    Thank you,

        Lady Titan Coaches