Dyslexia Campus Contacts

Please contact the campus Dyslexia Contacts by calling 512-943-5000 followed by the listed campus extension.
Campus Contact Extention Email
Georgetown / Richarte H.S. Nicole Westmoreland x7046 westmorelandn@georgetownisd.org
Eastview H.S. Kristina Bradford x8045 bradfordk@georgetownisd.org
Benold M.S. Anna Kruse x6951 krusea@georgetownisd.org
Forbes M.S. Amy Reid x7732 reida@georgetownisd.org
Tippit M.S. Linda Ferrell x6478 ferrelll@georgetownisd.org
Wagner M.S. Amy Martens x8611 martensa@georgetownisd.org
Carver Rebecca Lauer x8562 lauerr@georgetownisd.org
Carver Gail McKenzie x8558 mckenzieg@georgetownisd.org
Cooper LouAnne Case x6649 Casel@georgetownisd.org
Ford Dena Osterman x7941 Ostermand@georgetownisd.org
Frost Susan Robertson x6279 Robertsons@georgetownisd.org
McCoy Paula Rees x8444 reesp@georgetownisd.org
McCoy Rhonda Boone x8447 booner@georgetownisd.org
Mitchell Marion Lugar x8342 Lugarm@georgetownisd.org
Mitchell Sylvia Culler x8342 cullers@georgetownisd.org
Pickett Jenifer Brown x6546 Brownj@georgetownisd.org
Purl Jodi Luoma x6878 luomaj@georgetownisd.org
Purl Gail McKenzie x6832 mckenzieg@georgetownisd.org
Village Kendra Harrison x7450 Harrisonk@georgetownisd.org