3rd Grade GT Math

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       For students identified for Gifted & Talented services in Mathematics in GISD

3rd Grade GT Math:

bullet3rd Grade GT Math follows the GISD Scope and Sequence for 3rd Grade & most of 4th Grade Math while using the "Think Math" curriculum (3rd Grade  GT Math THINKMATH).  Students also have weekly "Slip" problems and Chapter Projects to challenge their problem solving skills.
bulletOur Goal is to challenge our GT students.  GT students are not often challenged enough, and therefore tend to "shut down" when a challenge does arrive.  Challenges can be frustrating, but are very important to mental & emotional development.  It is our goal to get these students used to challenges so that they have the skills necessary to pursue any challenge or interest that comes their way.  (Any future doctors, lawyers, scientists, or engineers out there???)


In addition to assigned homework, please be sure you do the following:
      * Practice Multiplication (Every night!)
             Practice X's Tables
                Practice X's Test #1
             Practice Multiplication - timed tests

           Practice Multiplication Tables

             * "Slips" are due on Thursday
What are SLIP Problems?
              SLIP Problem Solving GUIDELINES

              FAQ for SLIP Problems
              3rd GT Slip Problems

           "Think Math"
Online Textbook:  3rd Grade  GT Math THINKMATH

Math Textbooks

3rd and 4th GT Math Textbook-Think Math

Students can access their text book as well as homework pages online. Username and passwords are the ones that students use to log on
to the computers at school. Click on My Library and students
should see materials there.


5th GT Math Textbook-Connected Math

Students can access their textbook for homework help
and additional practice.


Cool Math Sites:

Virtual Manipulatives:

Educational & Math Games:


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