• English II

    Class Description:  In this class we will be reading 20th century world literature including classical, mythical, traditional and non-fiction representing a range of cultures. Students also analyze related media to make connections within and across genres. After reading selected literary pieces, students analyze the literature through class discussion and through writing. Students are expected to write clear and coherent compositions following accepted form and convention, then to proofread, to revise and to evaluate their own work and that of others. Literary and common vocabularies are studied, as is poetry, drama, and informational texts. The overall aim is to lay the educational foundation required by the workplace, technical school, and/or college/university.

    1st Semester major works

    Fahrenheit 451                        
    Persuasive Analysis & Writing                                     
    Grammar study                                          
    2nd Semester major works      
    Of Mice and Men                        
    Animal Farm                        
    Informational text                                    
    Expository Writing                                          
    Research paper
    Tests Scheduled:
    Sept. 5/6 - Literary Terms 
    Sept. 19/20 - Added Literary Terms
    Dec. 4 - STAAR makeup English 1
    Dec. 6 - STAAR makeup English 2
    Apr. 12 - STAAR English 2