• Introduction
    Rules and procedures are fundamental in life. We follow rules and procedures in our daily lives for things such as approaching a traffic light, starting a car and driving, and making a letter.
    There are also rules and procedures in this classroom. These rules and procedures ensure a positive atmosphere in the classroom. They contribute to a controlled learning environment for everyone.


    Procedures for Entering the Classroom

    There is a specific way I want you to enter the classroom. I expect you to follow these procedures:

    1. You are not to stand or wait around in the hallway.
    2. Enter the classroom quietly without running or pushing DO NOT CLIMB OR JUMP OVER DESKS.
    3. Get your binder and from the file cabinet and take out a piece of technology.
    1. Take your assigned seat.
    2. Answer the warm-up question on your device or on a piece of paper. (If a question is not up, it will be soon)
    3. Work quietly and by yourself.
    4. Wait for further instructions from the teacher


    If You Are Late

    You are late to class if you are not inside the classroom when the bell rings. If you

    are late to class you must:

    1. Walk in quietly making as little noise as possible.
    2. If your tardy is unexcused sign-in on the Tardy Log. (Name, date, time) If you have a pass, hand it to me.
    3. Take your assigned seat.
    4. Join the activity in progress. If you don’t know what the class is doing raise your hand until the teacher sees you.
    5. Continue working (waiting) quietly until I get to your desk.

    Consequences for Tardiness: 1 - 2 Tardies=Warning, 3 Tardies=Call Parents, 4 Tardies and any thereafter=Referal.


    If You Are Absent

    First, check my calendar for what we did. Then check my website for any missed work, next check google classroom for any warmups.

    It is your responsibility to make-up any warmups, assignments or tests in a timely manner when you return from an absence.  As a guideline, you will be allowed one calendar day per day of absence to make up your work. If there was an assignment due on the day you were absent then it will be due the same day you return from your absence.  AN ABSENCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE FOR NOT COMPLETING AN ASSIGNMENT.  YOU ARE STILL RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISSED MATERIAL.




    If you have access to the Internet at home you may e-mail me at: walkers@georgetownisd.org

    All Assignments, notes, etc…will be posted on our class website:


    During independent work you may listen to music on your electronic device using ear buds/headphones.  However, you must keep the volume at a level that cannot be heard by your neighbor.

    During privileged time or class assignments you may use your electronic devices.  However, no phone calls, games, pictures or texting will be allowed at anytime during the class period.

    If I am talking, during group work, etc…electronic devices must be put away unless the class activity necessitates it.  The teacher reserves the right to confiscate electronics from any student that decides not to follow the above policies.

    I reserve the right to confiscate electronics from students who abuse this privilege!


    Turning in Assignments

    The teacher will sometimes collect homework, group-work or individual work. You will turn these in only when the teacher asks for them. Make sure the assignment has your full name and period number. This should be on the top right margin of your paper. Unless otherwise stated assignments will be turned into the numbered boxes on the red counter.  Please put your assignment into the correct period box.  No name papers will be left in the no name box until they are claimed for grading. There will be an automatic 5 point deduction for assignments turned in with no name!


    Getting Your Attention
    There will be times when I need to get everyone’s undivided attention so that I may give directions, explanations, answer group questions, etc. or if the noise level gets too loud. When I need everyone to stop talking and pay attention to me:


    I will position myself in the center of the classroom and say “Class, your attention please” or simply say “Guys” and raise my hand.

    When you see me raise my hand you must: 

    1. Stop talking and look at me.
    2. If applicable, remove all ear buds and put electronics away.
    3. Wait for me to speak.

    This procedure should take us no more than 10 seconds.


    Sharpening Pencils

    Bring at least two pencils/pens to class daily.  Sharpen them prior to the start of class.  Please use the electric sharpener on my desk for #2 pencils only! (colored pencils will clog it) There is also a wall sharpener. If you need to borrow a writing utensil from me then you must give me something of yours as collateral. 


    Procedure for the End of Class and Class Dismissal

    Approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the bell rings we will stop the day’s activity and finish the class with a closing question to be done in your binders. Everyone should: return all class materials to their appropriate place, be in assigned seat, be quiet, and work on the closing question.  DO NOT START PACKING UP WHILE I AM TALKING.  Do not put journals away until instructed to do so.  The class must be in their seats in order to be dismissed.  Please do not herd together at the class room door waiting for the bell.  When the bell rings, I will launch you to your next class.


    Illness in Class:  If you feel you are ill or are becoming ill, notify me immediately.  I will send you to the school nurse and he/she will determine if you are fit to return to class.


    Asking/Answering Questions:  What you have to say is always important to me.  When you would like to contribute something to the class discussion, raise your hand and wait to be called on.  To encourage class participation, I will often (not always) hand out some sort of a reward. 


    When We Have a Visitor

     When we have someone come into our classroom that is not part of our class (teacher, administrator, student, parent) you are expected to follow the same classroom rules and procedures. You are expected to be polite to the visitor. Do not talk to the visitor unless he/she is talking to you directly. Continue working on your assignment as usual.

    If the visitor needs to speak to me privately, I expect you to remain in your seat without talking until I finish speaking with the visitor.



    When You Finish Early

    If you finish all of your assigned work early you may a) read independently b) work on an assignment for another class c) write d) draw e) work on extra credit f) use electronic device (no texting, pictures, phone calls or games). DO NOT TALK OR DISTURB OTHERS.


    Restroom Policy

    In order to control the amount of traffic leaving our classroom, a maximum of 1 person may leave the classroom at a time to use the restroom.  Each student will have a sign out sheet in your school planner that must be used in order to leave the room.   If you need to leave the room ask first, fill out your sign out sheet and bring it to me to sign.  Lastly, you must use my hall pass when leaving the room (the championship belt). There will be no restroom passes granted 10 minutes after class begins and 10 minutes before class ends.  This is school wide policy and will not be changed unless it is an extreme emergency. The restroom should be used between period changes whenever possible.


    Food and Drink

    Small snacks (no bigger than a sandwich size ziplock bag) and water are allowed in class.  If trash or spilled food becomes a problem for a period, this privilege will be taken away. 


    Classroom Behavior

    We will create a class constitution together to help regulate classroom behavior.



    Everything we do in life has consequences. If you choose to run a red light, you must accept the consequences that come with it (traffic ticket, taking someone’s life, crashing your car, etc.). Consequences are the things that happen to you when you choose not to obey a rule. This is what will happen if you choose to violate one of the classroom rules:


    1. 1st Offense: Warning (I will usually look at you or make some gesture to let you know)
    2. 2nd Offense: Private conversation with student
    3. 3rd Offense: Contact  parents
    4. 4th Offense: Office Referral
    5. Severe: Fighting, threats, complete defiance or verbal abuse will result in an automatic referral. (It is extremely inappropriate for you to fight with another classmate, threaten anyone, or verbally abuse by insulting.)




    Per district guidelines, grades will be weighted as follows:

    40% homework, classwork, interactive notebooks and daily work

    Note: Quizzes are weighted twice as much as homework and classwork

    60% tests, major papers and major projects


    Per district guidelines, late work will be penalized 10 points per day up to 3 days.  After three days the grade shall be a zero.  You may make up missing work up to two days before the end of a progress report period (approximately every 3 weeks) for a 50%.


    Warm-ups/Closer questions will be graded once every week during the first month of school.  After that, these questions will be graded periodically.  Each week’s warm-up/closers will be weighted as one daily grade.


    Homework will be assigned from time to time.  Any homework assigned will be weighted as one daily grade. 


    Classwork is to be done and completed in class.  Sometimes students will not complete classwork during the allotted class time.  Per teacher discretion, students will be afforded the opportunity to complete a class assignment on their own time.  Classwork grades will be weighted in accordance with the complexity of the assignment.


    Binders- It is in your best interest to keep up with daily warm-ups/closers, notes and other assignments that I ask you to place in to your binder.  There will be occasional binder checks for a daily grade to make sure you have your warm ups, notes and important assignments.  If you have kept up with your binder, this is a great way to raise your grade. You should have 4 sections in your binders:


    Warm Ups- For any warm ups you do not complete electronically, keep them here on a sheet of notebook paper and turn them in at the end of the week.

    Notes – Keep your filled in copy of class notes here.

    Test Reviews and Vocabulary- Keep all chapter test reviews and vocabulary here.

    Assignments – Keep any passed back assignments here.  You only need to keep them for the current progress report period, then you may clean out this section.  Keeping this section up to date will help you with any questions you may have about previous grades or missing work.


    Tests will be given at the conclusion of each chapter or unit.  No notes, books, etc.…will be used during tests.  Should a student not achieve a passing grade, they will be given the opportunity to come in on their own time (before school, after school, advisory) to complete a re-test.  No test corrections will be allowed after 5 school days has passed unless other arrangements have been coordinated between the student and teacher.    A maximum grade of 70 percent may be awarded.


    Writing Assignments will be given periodically throughout the school year.  Writing assignment grades will be weighted in accordance to their complexity.

    Extra credit assignments will sometimes be available.  Anyone may turn in extra credit. There are two standing extra credit assignments for my class.

    1.       You may print off a political cartoon and write a half page analysis of the cartoon.  The paper must be typed, doubled spaced on 12 point font.  If done correctly, this will give you 100 daily grade points.  You may do this a maximum of 3 times per semester and/or two times per nine weeks.

    2.       You can develop a creative way to teach something from our class content.  This could be a video, presentation, study material etc.  If done correctly, this will give you 50 test points.  You may do this once per semester.   Please check with me before beginning a project.




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