Lesson Plans


    April 16-20

    Monday: No School/Bad Weather Holiday

    HPLS for  Unit 5B: Generating Connections:  All Genres

    Concept: Authors write using different organizational pattern and sensory language with stated or implied purposes about cultural, historical, and contemporary issues. .  

    Content: Readers analyze texts across genres to make logical connections between ideas and to summarize main ideas using supporting details.  

    Cognitive Demand: Students will demonstrate understanding of multiple genres in a variety of student center, collaborative project opportunities.  

    Learning Objective:  I will work in stations reviewing various learning objectives:

    Weekly Genre Study:


    2.Fiction (theme)

    3.Non Fiction

    /Current Events (articles/media)



    1.Text Organization




    *Chrono. Order


    2.Parts of Speech

    3.Dictionary Skills

    Language Objective: I will review by reading and writing various learning objectives.
    Warm-up: Tell Me Something Good and various journal writing prompts
    Materials: General supplies, pencil and notebook paper, black composition notebook.


    Base vocabulary review on what your students may need a refresher on such as:


    *Different types of figurative language

    *Drama Terms

    *Fiction Terms

    *Text Org. Terms


    2. DEAR DAILY: 

    Evidence of Success:The students will be able to articulate the meaning of the the basis skills required by 6th graders.