• Stand By Your Plan (Math)

    Stand By Your Plan (Math)

    In this project, students will use the information they gather from a spending journal to define needs and wants when spending. They will gather information on the Internet, and create an individualized spending and saving plan. Then, they will share their plans as videos or podcasts for the class to listen to and learn from.

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  • Back to Nature: (Science) January 26-30

    Back to Nature: (Science) January 26-30

    In this project, students explore the characteristics of natural resources that make them useful in products. They choose a product and investigate the resources used to make it. This information will be used to create an online slideshow or digital book that they will share with their classmates.

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  • September 22- 26: Social Studies

    September 22- 26: Social Studies

    A Look From Above

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