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    Private Lesson Program


    It is the goal of the GISD Fine Arts Department to provide the very best learning experiences for each band student.  One of these learning experiences is the opportunity for each student to study privately with a professional instrumentalist.  This enrichment opportunity is available to all band students in grades 6-12.


    The Private Lesson Program serves a twofold purpose.  It allows interested students to receive additional individualized help in their musical training.  Secondly, this attention generally improves the performance level of the individual student and also has a positive affect on the program in which the student participates.  Some credit for the successes that our band students have achieved individually and collectively is credited to the Private Lesson Program.


    We strive to offer the highest quality private instruction.  All instructors have been screened and have also completed fingerprinting and background checks required by Georgetown ISD.   


    Rates for on-campus Georgetown ISD Private Lesson Staff will depend on the instructors teaching experience in GISD. 


    • 1-3 years teaching experience in GISD, $20.00 per half hour lesson or $40 for a one hour lesson.

    • 3+ years teaching experience in GISD, $22.50 per half hour lesson or $45 for a one hour lesson.


      Some private lessons take place throughout the school day, and usually during your child’s class period.  Some lessons are offered before or after school depending on instructor availability.  Lessons should be given weekly and are 30 minutes in length (however, other arrangements can be made with the individual instructor).  If you wish to enroll your child in private lessons, please contact a lesson teacher from the list provided to enroll them in lessons.   


      General Information


    1. Private teachers are selected and made available by the Georgetown I.S.D. Fine Arts Department.

    2. Private Lessons are available for all students in grades 6-12.

    3. Private lessons are optional.

    4. Students electing to study privately are taught once per week during their fine arts class, or before/after school. 

    5. In the case of an absence, for any reason, notification to the lesson teacher must be given prior to the scheduled lesson.  When possible, please notify the private lesson teacher of conflicts at least 24 hours in advance. If the student is in school and misses the lesson without proper notification, the student will be held financially accountable. 


      Parent Responsibilities


    1. Assist your child in having the necessary music, materials, and accessories.

    2. Identify the best time for practice and encourage consistent adherence to that time. 

    3. Insist that a regular practice routine is followed.  i.e., warm-ups, scale work, and other technique material, solo material, and music for the band, choir or orchestra class. 

    4. Periodically check in on the student’s practice sessions. 

    5. Compliment your child for good work, faithfulness in practice, and other worthy accomplishments. 

    6. Attend your child’s performances. 

    7. Contact the director if you have any questions, need assistance, or are concerned about your child’s progress. 


      If we are thinking of education as the development of the total man- the total human personality- I believe music must be a part of the educational experience.

      Mark O. Hatfield, former U.S. Senator from Oregon




      For further questions or assistance, please speak to a band director.  512-943-5000 x 6486

Last Modified on August 27, 2015