• Outlining the Water Cycle (Science)

    Outlining the Water Cycle (Science)

    In this project, students will learn more about the water cycle. They will use the Internet to explore different representations of the parts of the water cycle. Students should already be familiar with the graphical representation of the basic water cycle. Students will learn how to organize information into an outline, and how to use word processing software tools to create outlines. Students will use the information they collect and new outlining skills to create an outline about the water cycle. Through this exercise, they will begin to learn how to use words to describe complex systems.

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  • Let's Be Safe Online: (ELA)

    Let's Be Safe Online: (ELA)

    In this project, students research information about how to stay safe when using the Internet. They create posters to help remind other students about online safety. Then, they present their online safety posters to other classes to help educate other students .

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  • State Regions: (Social Studies)

    State Regions: (Social Studies)

    In this project, students will learn about the regions of their state. For example, students living in Texas will study Mountains and Basins, Great Plains, North Central Plains, and Coastal Plains. Then, students will create slideshows to present information about one of the regions to the class. They use the information they learn from their classmates’ presentations to complete a Venn diagram comparing two regions of their choosing.

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  • State the Facts: (ELA)

    State the Facts: (ELA)

    The Internet is full of information. The challenge is finding the relevant and trustworthy information. Students will practice search strategies by using a search engine to find information about their home state. They will summarize and evaluate the information they find. Then, they will organize key facts into a chart. This activity will reinforce skills that are crucial to students' effective use of the Internet to find information.

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