College visits are a great investment in time and resources to determine if a campus is a good match for you.  By visiting it also tells the college that you are interested in them!
    A few details to take care of:
    • Contact a school's admissions office a few weeks prior to your visit to schedule a tour
    • If you choose to schedule your visit through a particular department (Engineering, Athletics, Fine Arts etc...), be sure to stop by admissions before you leave and tell them about your visit so it can be noted in your file.
    • Juniors are allowed one college day per year.
    • Seniors are allowed a maximum of two college days per year. 
    ONE:  Complete a Post-Secondary School Visit Request FORM PRIOR to leaving
       for your college visit. 
    TWO:  Return complete form to Attendance Office prior to leaving
       for your college visit. 
    THREE:  Provide documentation of your visit to Carol Russell, Attendance
       Clerk, upon returning from your college visit. 
    Acceptable documentation include:  Signatures from Admissions Officers,
    Financial Aid Officers, Campus Tour Guides or Department Advisor.