• Aug. 23rd, First Day of School and Aug. 24th, 2nd Day of School Procedures for Band

    • DO NOT bring your band instrument on the first or second day of school!

    Aug. 25th – 3rd Day of School Procedures for Band

    • Make sure that your instrument, band books and binder are labeled with your First and Last name. NOT OPTIONAL
    •  When you arrive to school bring your instrument to the band hall.  You are allowed to do this BEFORE you enter the main building, every day!  Make this a habit!  7th grade athletes, the band hall will be open BEFORE your morning practice so if you can, drop it off first.  If you don’t have time, take it with you to the locker room and drop it off at the band hall before your 2nd period class.
    •  Since the band has been “displaced” for this year, we do not have an instrument storage room.  Thus, storage will be very different.  Students will be assigned an area in the band hall for storage of their instrument ONLY!  Band Binders and band books will stay in their backpacks as backpacks will be carried to each class. There will be an instrument storage assignment list posted in assigned areas of the room.  Mrs. Hill and Dr. Pierce will be available to help you find your assigned area. 
    • If your name is NOT on the list, don’t panic … Mrs. Hill and Dr. Pierce will be there to help you.
    • If you have any questions, please contact a director …



Last Modified on August 16, 2016