General Overview for 2017-2018

    Most Important must have Paperwork/Physical Forms

    Athletes must have ALL paperwork, including a current physical turned into the coaches before participating in athletics. All paperwork will be done electronically. Please see attached sheet for instructions on how to complete this.  A link is available on our Boys Titan website as well. You must also pay $10.00 catastrophic insurance for the year. If you have all paperwork completed, please turn it in to the boy’s coaches on Aug. 17th the First day of school. Your Son will not be able to try out for a sport or participate in athletics unless he has physical with a doctor and all paper work completed.  The physical page will need to be printed out and taken to your doctor for completion and turned in to your coaches. Click link http://georgetownisd.rankonesport.com

    Athletics Participation

    If you do not play Football but you are signed up for athletics you will be moved to P.E. You will Still have the opportunity to try out for all the other sports.

    Remind 101

    Please text 81010 with the following message, @tippitbo, to receive important info about Titan athletics  directly to your cell phone.  This is the fastest and easiest way for the coaches to communicate to you the latest info such as a canceled practice or changing of game times. All athletes and parents are encouraged to do this

    Football Equipment Handout

    We will have an equipment check out on Thursday August 17th from 4:00-8:30. You will only be issued equipment if you have a completed physical and money. Workout clothes will also be available for purchase on this day

    Parent Info meeting

    There will be a MANDATORY (TBA)

    Practice/Workout Clothes

    You will purchase workout clothes from the coaches for $30.00 to be used throughout the school year.


    Practice will begin Aug 21th for those athletes that have all physical paperwork turned in.  


    1.      7th grade will practice in the morning and doors will open at 7:00 A.M. All athletes must be on the field by 7:15. 7th grade will not have practice after school.

    2.      8th grade will start practice during 7th period and will go till 5:45.  Parents need to be here by 5:45 at the latest to pick up athletes


    Basketball tryouts will be scheduled after Football season ends. We will send out that information as the season gets closer.

    Cross Country/Tennis

    Any Question about Cross Country/Tennis Please contact Coach Harris harrisa@georgetownisd.org


    Track begins after basketball season is completed. All athletes are asked to participate in track. Positions for meets are earned through time trials/jumps/throws. Any athlete may challenge another athlete for their position during practice.


    Soccer tryouts will be held in April. Games will begin the middle of April.

    District Competition

    Our athletic district Our athletic district will include Forbes, Benold, Hutto, Farley, Taylor, Liberty Hill, and Elgin. 


    If you make a team in basketball, you will compete in two tournaments. Attendance at those tournaments is mandatory.

    Tournaments.  If you make a team in volleyball or basketball, you will compete in two tournaments.  Attendance at those tournaments is mandatory.   Practice, games, and tournaments are mandatory and you will not be able to miss for outside club teams or recreation teams.   

    Missed Practices/Competitions

    Please plan doctors’ visits around practice and games. All missed practices and competitions must be made up.  You will receive a copy of the GISD Boys Titan Middle School Policy concerning missed practices and competitions.  Please read it carefully.    If you do not understand it, please see a coach.  Remember that you cannot miss a Titan practice or competition to participate in an outside sport.  Athletes must have a note to miss workouts due to injury or illness that will be good for 2 days.  On third day we will have to have a doctor’s note on file. Please ask the doctor to write down specific instructions such as type of injury and an actual return date.  Athletes will still dress out and will do modified exercises that will not effect the injured area.  


    Boys Titan Website:

      The Boys Titan website is constantly being updated to provide you with the latest info including game info, directions to games, game results, pictures and a lot more.  Just go to http://www.georgetownisd.org/domain/1339

    Titan Paperwork: (separate from online paperwork)

    Every athlete is required to have an information sheet on file.  This info includes: athlete info, parent info, UIL Behavior Expectations of Spectators, and the signature portion to the Titan Athletic Policy.  You will receive the Policy and it is yours to keep.  After you and your Son have read it both of you will need to sign stating that you understand and will follow the rules of our program. The only thing we need back is the one page.     

    Important:  Athletics is a full year commitment.  You will not be able to quit athletics at any time.  An athlete that quits will not be able to participate in the athletic program or any sport in the following years.    

    This is just an overview of our athletic program.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time. You can always find this info and other info on our website.  


    This is just an overview of our athletic program. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.


    Thank you,


    Chad Dempsey/Athletic Coordinator                       Dempseychad@georgetownisd.org

    Marcus Edmonson                                                      EdmonsonM@georgetownisd.org

    Todd Johnson                                                               Johnsonto@georgetownisd.org

    Nels Scott                                                                     Scottn@georgetownisd.org