•  Classroom Expectations:

    The classroom expectations should be followed at all times.
    Start of Class:
    • come in when invited
    • find your seat
    • get the necessary materials 
    • make sure you have a PENCIL, work will not be accepted in pen
    • follow the instructions written on the front board
    • do NOT come up to me at this time


    During Class:
    • stay seated unless instructed to do otherwise
    • raise your hand to ask/answer questions
    • no off task conversations
    • be focused and actively participating in the lesson


    End of Class:
    • pack your things WHEN INSTRUCTED
    • place all trash in the trash can
    • sit in your assigned seat silently until dismissed 


    I also expect our class to operate as a community. We are a team, we respect each other's thoughts and opinions, we succeed together, we work to help those who need it, we welcome failures, and most importantly, we have fun together!