• Welcome to Statistics 2017-2018 .  I look forward to having you in class this year!
    You will need the following supplies for class:
    4 rolls scotch tape ( to be left in classroom)
    1 package of batteries
    2 composition(NO SPIRAL- they are messy and rip apart too easily)  notebooks - 1 for each semester.  Buy them now while they are $.50 a piece. 
    1 box of tissues 
    1.  We will use an interactive notebook daily in class( 2 composition notebooks)- 1 for each semester. The notebooks get pretty full  and quite heavy so I recommend changing it at semester.
    2.  You will be responsible for keeping up with it ( yes there will be pop quizzes to check your progress and make sure you aren't waiting until the end of the 9 weeks to complete it.) .  It needs to be brought daily to class. A test grade will be assigned at the end of each 9 week grading period for having your notebook complete, filled out, and all homework, notes, quizzes, etc in your notebook.
    3.  The first thing you need to do is COVER your composition notebook .  Please use duct tape or heavy packaging tape- you can decorate it anyway you want to(This is part of your notebook TEST grade- points will be taken off if your notebook is NOT covered- every 9 weeks).  
    We will not use the GISD website for assignments, worksheets, etc.  Many of our worksheets and interactive notebook parts are copyrighted and cannot be displayed on the open internet.  Instead students will be responsible for getting all work, assignments, everything from GOOGLE CLASSROOM.  Students should know their log in already and be familiar with how to get into google.  if not, please see the teacher.  Parents if you want access to see your childs assignments, please sign up as well with your child for their google classroom.
    All assignments, projects, etc will be in Google classroom.  When we do projects in class, students will be responsible for turning in their work through google classroom.
    There are 1-2 projects assigned PER 9 weeks relating to the stats unit we are on.  Students will be ASSIGNED a partner, and expected to follow all the guidelines of the projects.  These are test grades and a rubric relating to the point values they can earn will be given with the project.  Students failing to DO the project or participate in the project will receive a 0 for a test grade.
    Homework is assigned most nights- sometimes it will also be related to their project.  Students are expected to go check out a stats book from the book room in order to complete homework. It is NEVER acceptable to copy other students homework- this is cheating and will be deal with in class.  You are expected to do your own work.  You are seniors and juniors and going to college- learn some good habits now.  Homework is due at the beginning of class- NOT the end of class!  I will not take homework more than 3 days late.  
    If you are absent, you are responsible for getting the missing pieces for your notebook.  You can either get them from me, or you can go online and download them yourself and copy the notes from the pictures in google classroom.  YOU MAY NOT just print my pictures from google classroom and tape them in your notebook.  You still need to learn the information- it's not going to hurt you to copy the material down- it will help you learn it for your tests and projects. If you know ahead of time you will be gone, you're welcome to come get your papers and assignments early and copy them before you leave so you don't get behind.