Weekly Information
    Semester II - 2014
    CTE STUDENT EVALUATION - https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/WSYZT3X
    May 23 - May 29 Semester Exams:  GHS Semester Exam Schedule    

    May 21/22:
                      Seniors prepare for Final Exam - continue work on Review: 
                      Use this 2014 Spring Semester Study Hints page to help you prepare for the Final 
                      CSI - cummulative episode (various Forensic Science techniques i.e. Trace evidence, 
                               Blood Spatter, Human Remains, Entomology, Anthropology, Soil and Glass)

    May 19/20:
                       The Coors Kidnapping case (information is given in the warm-up activity); 
                       Soil and Glass TEST; work on 2014 Spring Semester Exam Review (given to students 5/09)

    May 15/16:
                      Soil Lab; Read The Coors Kidnapping case (use text in class)
                      HW: Study for Soil and Glass Test, complete the review for extra points :)

    May 13/14:
                      Instructor Review over ALL Soil Analysis and Glass Evidence notes (pay close attention :)
                      Use class time to work on Soil and Glass Study Guide - do this while the information is fresh

                      Remember:  2nd Semester Extra-credit GHS due 5/15; EVHS due 5/16 
                                            (late projects will not be accepted for any reason)

    May 09/12:
                      Soil notes (cont); Glass Evidence handout; Glass: More than meets the eye article
                      and student worksheet
                      HW: bring a sample of dry soil in a ziplock sandwich bag.  Label your bag with your name,
                              class period, zip code, latitude & longitude (in decimal format)
                              NO potting soil or mulch is allowed, get natural soil, so DIG Deep :)

                               Remember: 2nd Semester Extra-credit GHS due 5/15; EVHS due 5/16 
                                                    (late projects will not be accepted for any reason)

    May 07/08:
                      Re-TEST - Human Remains, Bugs, and Bones (open notes/ timed test)- This test was 
                      compromised, therefore all students will have the same opportunity to use their notes 
                      on this test - test curve.  Extra-credit points from completed review will not apply to 
                      this open note test.  This re-Test grade replaces 5/01 test grade;
                      It's like the first test never happened :)

                                           Homework: work on Soil and Glass study guide # 1-18
                                           Remember to bring dry soil for Tues. LAB (1/4 to 1/2 sandwich bag amount;
                                           label with name-class period, zip code, and latitude/longitude)
                      2nd Semester Extra-credit GHS due 5/15; EVHS due 5/16 
                                                                   (late projects will not be accepted for any reason)

    May 05/06:
                     Ch 13 Soil Analysis notes - student outline; Ch 13 soil pptSoil and Glass Study Guide # 1-18;
                     CSI episode 102 "I-15 murders" (glass analysis)

    May 01/02:
                      TEST - Human Remains, Bugs, and Bones; Case #4 "Red pupae and an alcoholic"
                      read case 4 article and answer questions in paragraph format                  

    April 29/30:
                      Finish Human Remains, Bugs, and Bones Test Review # 17-28; Bones episode 14
                      "The Man on the Fairway" WS questions

    April 25/28:
                      Autopsy Quiz; finish Entomology Puzzle (use entomology and human remains notes); 
                      Anthropology notes student outline; Anthropology pptSkeleton WS and Bones story

    April 23/24:
                      Autopsy Notes student outline; Performing an Autopsy (notes ppt)
                      Entomology Notes student outline; Entomology ppt; Forensic Entomology puzzle
                      HW:  Study for Autopsy Quiz next class - 
                               complete #1-16 on Human remains, Bugs, and Bones Test Review

    April 21/22:
                      Notes "Human Remains" student outline; Human Remains ppt
                      YouTube Video (Body Farm and Beyond)

    April 18 - Good Friday Holiday 

    April 16/17:
                      Case 3 - DNA Typing Worksheet;
                      Activity - Interpreting DNA Analysis (copy the electrophoresis gel onto clean paper,
                                then complete data table and questions on the worksheet)
                      Schedule re-test if needed

    April 14/15:
                      DNA Test (does not count as a full test; counts as a lab grade); CSI "Table Stakes"

    April 10/11:
                      DNA notes part II - STR,  (conclusion); 
                      Bill Nye Greatest Discoveries - Genetics DVD and questions
                      Homework: study notes- DNA TEST 4/20 (GHS) and 4/21 (EVHS)

    April 16/17:
                      DNA notes part I - HIstory, DNA typing - RFLP, PCR; DNA notes ppt  DNA ppt notes 2015 

    April 14/15:
                      DNA notes student outline 
                      Ch 12 pg 364-365 # 1-6, 8-10, 12,14,*19              
                               * change #19 to "What are the advantages of using mtDNA; disadvantages?" 

    April 04/07:
                      Activity 3 Lab - Angle v. length/width of blood drop
                      collect data, graph results, ans conclusion ques. 

    April 02/03:
                      "GATTACA" conclusion; Activity 2 Lab - Surface v. blood drop diameter
                                                               collect data, graph results, ans conclusion ques.
                       Homework: finish questions 11-15 (back of GATTACA worksheet)

    Mar. 31/ April 01:
                     "GATTACA" - DVD Intro to DNA with GATTACA worksheet  

    Mar. 27/28:        
                      Activity 2 and 3 Pre-Labs - draw data tables and set up graphs
                      finish Sam Sheppard Murder Case - Questions                
    Mar. 25/26:
                      TEST - Serology and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis
                      Dr. Sam Sheppard Murder Case - Questions

    Mar. 21/24:
                       LAB - Activity 1 "Height v. Diameter of blood drop":
                                 complete graph and analysis questions
                       Homework: finish Serology and BPA Review Sheet, study for test

    Mar. 18/20:
                       LAB - Activity 1 "Height v. Diameter of blood drop":
                                 prep data table and collect data        

    Mar. 17/18:
                       BPA Notes part 2 (concl); Calculating Impact Angle Worksheet "Activity #4"         

    Mar. 06/07:
    Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Notes - ppt (BPA part 1); CSI "Unfriendly Skies" - CS reconstuction
    Mar. 04/05:
                      Serology Quiz; Match suspect to crime scene "Blood Typing Lab"
                      DUE today - Simulated Blood (sample with recipe worksheet)
                                         - Warm ups 2/17 to 3/05

    Feb. 28/Mar. 03:
                      Forensic Serology (conclusion); Lab - Animal v. Human blood (Precipitin Test)

    Feb. 26/27:
    Forensic Serology (full ppt) ; Forensic Files "Bad Blood"; Simulated Blood Take Home Lab

    Feb. 24/25:
    Serology Notes - Student outlineForensic Serology Part 1 (ppt) ; 
                     CSI "Justice is Served" (the Heme dilema)

    Feb. 20/21:
                    Trace Evidence Test; begin Ch 10 Serology and Blood analysis

    Feb. 18/19:
                     Ink Chromatography Lab - Who wrote the ransom note - (identify the suspect's pen?)

    Feb. 14/17:
                      14 GHS - Finish Lip and Dental Impression Labs
                      17  EVHS - Forensic Science Occupations - Compute lab research activity (due today)

    Feb. 12/13:
                       Dental Impression Lab - (procedures 1-7, answer #8 for all group members);
                       work on Review sheet questions 19 - 28 (use Ch 16 handout and worksheet)

    Feb. 10/11:
                       Trace Evidence Quiz; Case Study Analysis "O.J. Simpson on Trial" 
                            * warm-up sheet is due today *
     1/29 through 2/12
    Feb. 07 Bad weather day

    Feb. 05/06:
                      Lab - Lip Impressions;
                      Bones - Dental remains/ impressions episode 1  
    Feb. 03/04:
                      Ch 9 "Trace Evidence" Notes (conclusion); 
    Trace Evidence ppt
                      Ch 16 Tool Marks - text handout and Ch 16 Review Worksheet;
    Ch 9 Trace Evidence Review        

    Jan. 30/31:
                      Ch 9 "Trace Evidence" Notes (completed notes -Trace
                      Ch 15 Casts & Impressions - text handout and Ch 15 Review Worksheet
    Jan. 28 Bad weather day
    Jan. 27/29:
                     Ballistics Quiz; FirearmsID.com webquest  - computer lab activity & HW "Quiz" 
    Jan. 24 Bad weather day
    Jan. 22/23:
                     Finish Ballistics Notes and power point presentation - (Ballistics ppt
                     complete Ballistics Review - Study for Quiz 1/24 (GHS), 1/27 (EVHS)                                  
    Jan 17/21:
                      Ballistics Notes - "How do Forensic Investigators analyze ballistic evidence?"
                      Ballistics Student Outline with power point presentation - (Ballistics ppt
                                                                 up to "Analyzing Residue - Griess test"
                      Read ch 17 Ballistics handout and complete ch 17 worksheet
                      Qualitaive Analysis Lab - Day 2 collect and analyze data
                                  Analysis of OTC antacids; use physical and chemical analysis to identify unknown
                                  Complete all conclusion questions, correctly identify 2 unknowns      
                      Qualitaive Analysis Lab - Day 1 collect data
                                  Analysis OTC pain-relievers; physical and chemical analysis to identify unknown        

    Jan. 08/10:
                      "Clue" conclusion - group work - Clue Movie Worksheet due/  
                       Th Jan 09 - B day  GHS Qualitaive Analysis Pre-Lab
                       Fri Jan 10 - A day EVHS  Qualitaive Analysis Pre-Lab

    Jan. 06/07:
                      "Clue" movie with observation questions; Clue Movie Worksheet 2014 
    Dec. 17-19 - Final Exams - End of Semester I
    Dec. 02-16
    Dec. 13/16:
                      work on Semester I Exam Review/ 5th period Final Exam
    Dec. 06/09:
                      Complete Ch 8 Toxicology and view Toxicology ppt
                      Begin Forensic Science Semester I Exam Review

    Dec. 04/05:
                      Complete Ch 7 Drugs Notes and view Drugs ppt;
                      Review Drugs - Alcohol and Toxins ; practice BAC claculations:  "How drunk are you?"
                      Begin Review Sheet - "Drugs & Toxicology" for Drugs & Toxicology unit

    Dec. 02/03:
                    Read "Drugs and Paraphernalia" and "Chemical Analysis" teacher text copies
                    and complete the Drugs packet
    Nov. 19-26

    Nov. 25/26:
                      Animal Hair Lab

    Nov. 21/22:
                      Hair and Fibers TEST
    Case of the Missing Fibers
    (read article complete Case Study File) Summary)

                       Due today: Hair and Fibers Test Review

    Nov. 19/20:
                          Finish Hair Lab "Final Analysis" questions
                          Ch 5 "Hair" puzzle 
                          Complete Review Questions # 22-33; use text handout and completed notes   

    Due Today: Hair Lab - completed; Puzzle
                          Homework: Study Hair notes and Fiber notes for Test 
                                                                                    (be sure to study/know the different tests for fiber analysis))

    Nov. 11-18

    Nov. 15/18:
    Hair Lab - Part 3 Crime Scene, Victim, and Suspects - "You solve the Crime"    
                                          Data Table II             
    Hair Lab Data Table   
                         Due Today: Hair Lab Data Sheet with Data Table I completed
                         Homework: Use Fiber Notes to continue answering questions on Review Sheet

    Nov. 13/14:
    Hair Lab - Part 1 & 2 Human hair - structure of the cuticle and hair shaft
                                        Data Table I
                      "Fibers" notes (student outline and power point) - EVHS
    Due Today: Warm up sheets 10/28 to 11/15
                       Homework: Use Fiber Notes to continue answering questions on Review Sheet

    Nov. 11/12:
                   Hair Quiz ;  Cat Hair Finds Way Into Courtroom in Canadian Murder Trial 
                                             (read article complete Summary)
                    Latent prints Lab - answer lab conclusion questions page 2
                                        AgNO3 - develop prints on notecard, cardboard, or post-it  (EVHS)
                   "Fibers" notes - student outline (GHS - 1st page only)
                      "Fibers" Power point presentation
                   Due today: Latent Prints Lab - data and all questions)
                        Homework: Continue work on Hair & Fiber Review Sheet (due on Test Day)
    Nov. 05-08
    Nov. 07/08:
    Hair notes - student outline (day 2 concl)
                     Hair Power point presentation
                         Continue:  Latent Print LAB - Dusting and Chemical methods for lifting latent prints (the CSI way)
                                                           (use silver nitrate and 'super glue" fuming techniques)
                            Due today: Latent Prints Lab - data (all prints)
                            Homework: Study  Hair notes / quiz next class
    Nov. 05/06:
                      Hair notes - student outline (day 1)
                          Latent Print LAB - Dusting and Chemical methods for lifting latent prints (the CSI way)
                                                        (use silver nitrate and 'super glue" fuming techniques)
                         Finish Hair worksheet questions #1-18
    Oct. 28-Nov.04
    Nov. 01/04:
                       Fingerprint Review Questions - warm-up
                      CSI - 104/105
    Oct. 30/31:
                      Read Text handout - Hair and Fiber then answer questions on Hair Worksheet #1-18
                      Pre- LAB Latent Prints: practice lifting methods with charchoal dust and magnetic dust
                      Due Today:  Latent Print practice paper - 
                                                   both partner prints with both methods on computer paper
                                      Hair worksheet (even if it is not finished)
    Oct. 28/29:
                      Ch 4 Fingerprints TEST   
                      ScienceDaily article summary
                      (interesting stuff ... a new method to develop latent prints using gold nanoparticles)
                      Due Today: Ch 4 Fingerprint Review Sheet

    Oct. 22- 25 - October 25 ends the 1st 9 week grading period
    Oct. 24/25:
                         Review Minutiae - Ridge Characteristics; copy ridge characteristics chart 
                                      Minutiae mini-LAB: 
                                      use chart to identify and label minutiae on a large sample fingerprint
    Oct. 22/23:   
                   Conclude Fingerprint Notes - Calculate the Henry FBI Classification Number
                   Review methods for collecting latent prints: 
                                      Cyanoacrylate (super glue)
                                      Siler Nitrate
                         Copy "uses" and "application" from 
    "How are latent prints collected?" chart - add to notes
    Oct. 16- 21
    Oct. 18/21:
                         Fingerprints Quiz (types of prints)
                         Read Journal Articles and answer "What, No Fingerprints" Questions
                                                                                     (ans questions on your own NB paper)
                         LAB Fingerprint Identification card - 10 card 
                               - practice rolling prints, then book the suspect, collect prints and ID
                         Due Today:  "What, No Fingerprints" Questions
                                   LAB Fingerprint Identification card - 10 card
                        Homework:  finish LAB Fingerprint Identification card - 10 card (label the 10 prints)
                                    continue work on Chapter 4 Fingerprint Review (this is not due until test day)
    Oct. 16/17:
                     Fingerprint notes up to "Latent prints" 
                         Notes cont. last 3 pages "Key to reading prints ..."  
    Fingerprint notes key
                         practice reading and identifying fingerprint patterns - Guide to reading prints
                               Whorl:  Plain, Central Pocket, Double Loop, Accidental
                               Loop:  Ulnar, Radial   
                               Arch:  Tented, Plain
                         Ch. 4 Fingerprints - Puzzle
                         Homework: continue work on Chapter 4 Fingerprint Review (this is not due until test day)    
    Oct. 07 - 15 
    Oct. 11/15:
                   Fingerprint notes student outline,
                         Fingerprint ppt
                   CSI -  103
                         Homework:  continue work on Chapter 4 Fingerprint Review (this is not due until test day)
                                                study notes for Fingerprints Quiz (Oct. 18 GHS/ 21 EVHS )
    Oct. 08/09:
                Lab - Crime Scene Sketch Part B - The Scaled Sketch 
                           Produce a scaled "map" of the Crime Scene - graph paper, pencil, ruler, & protractor
                Read Chapter 4  FIngerprints,
                         Due Today: CS Sketch Part B (Crime Scene Sketch - Final draft) with Part A (Rough Draft)
                         Homework:  continue work on Chapter 4 Fingerprint Review (this is not due until test day) 
    Oct. 07-08:
                      Lab - Crime Scene Sketch, Part A Rough Draft
                                               Homocide in Room 335 (EVHS)
                                               Homocide in Portable 5 (GHS)        
                                                - use 50 ft Forensic measuring tape & protractor to create a rough 
                                                  draft sketch of a mock crime scene - indicating size of the room,
                                                  placement of windows, doors, pieces of evidence, and victim
                                                - use specified methods to "map" the placement of objects
                                                       (rectangular, triangulation, and compass point methods)
                   Read Ch 4 - Fingerprints, continue work on the Test Review
                  Due Today: CS Sketch Part A Rough Draft -

    Oct. 01-04
    Oct. 03-04:
                 Ch 3 TEST
                  Read - Human Identification "Fingerprints" Article - and complete summary 
                                   worksheet (
    Summary Worksheet)
    Oct. 01-02:
                      Lab - Locard's Principle    
                      Part A - Evidence Collection and Chain of Custody
                                  (make bindle, collect trace evidence, examine evidence, submit evidence
                                  complete chain of custody with each submission of evidence 
    Chain of Custody Log A4137 
                      Due today: Chain of Custody Log with Trace Evidence packaged, sealed and labelled 
                      Home work:  Study Ch 3 Notes 
                                       Ch 3 TEST Th 10/03 (GHS) and Fri 10/04 (EVHS)
     Sept. 23 - 30
    Sept. 27-30:
                   Ch. 3 Notes Quiz
                   Case Study Analysis- "Answers in Blood"
                   Create Final Sketch of Classroom with measurements and objects drawn to scale 
                               (pencil/graph paper/ruler/protractor)
                Read "Crime Scene Sketching" by M/Sgt Hayden B. Baldwin, Retired
                    Then answer 
    "Crime Scene Sketching" questions about the article (the article is in class only)
                Review 3 sketch methods - Rectangular, Triangulation, and Compass
                Instruction - proper use and handling of forensic tape measure
                Draw rough sketch of lab room with measurements for perimeter/walls,
                         cabinets and fume hood (EVHS), lab benches and window (GHS), 
                                and 3 objects 
    within the room

                    Due today:  "Crime Scene Sketching" questions, Final Sketch with rough draft stapled to back

                    Home work:  Study Ch 3 Notes and Crime Scene Sketches 
                                           Ch 3 Notes Quiz Fri 9/27 (GHS) and Mon 9/30 (EVHS)
    Sept. 23/24 :
                      Finish  Ch 3 "The Crime Scene" and Crime scene sketches notes  Power point Presentation/ 
                      student outline
                     Ch 3 Full notes - key
                     Crime scene sketches - key
                      Home work:  Study Ch 3 Notes and Crime Scene Sketches 
                                     finish work on Ch 3 Review sheet # 21-27
    Sept. 17 - 20Sept. 19/20 :
                   Crime Scene Performances with observation questions
                   (the answers to the observation questions go on the warm up sheet)
                   Notes  Ch 3 "The Crime Scene"  and "Crime scene sketches"  Power point Presentation/
                   student outline
                   Due today:  "Your CSI moment" worksheet
                   Home work:  Study Ch 3 Notes; work on Ch 3 Review Sheet # 1- 20; practice making bindles
    Sept. 17/18 :
                   Crime Scene Performances with observation questions
                   (the answers to the observation questions go on the warm up sheet)
                   finish  Case Study Analysis for the Eugene Watts case - in class only
                   VIDEO  CSI - 101
                   "Your CSI moment" article and worksheet

                    Home work:  "Your CSI moment" worksheet 
    Sept. 9 - 13/16

    Sept. 13/16 :
                  Ch 1 and 2 TEST 
                  Write up a Case Study Analysis for the Eugene Watts case - in class only
                  Due today:  warm up sheet (if not turned in last class) 
                  FYI ... The last make-up date for the Ch 1 and 2 TEST is Tues 9/24 A day 

    Sept. 11/12 :
                Crime Scene Performances with observation questions
                Ch. 2 Notes "Types of Evidence" - Power point Presentation/ student outline
                           Ch 2 Full notes - key
                Lab - "Can this evidence be individualized?" Instruction Sheet
                Lab - "Can this evidence be individualized?" Student Worksheet   
                Due today:  warm up sheet; "Can this evidence be individualized?" Lab worksheet
                Home work:  Study Ch 1 and 2  Notes; complete 
    Ch 1 and 2 Review Sheet
                IMPORTANT NOTE about Labs in this course ...
                If you miss a lab for any reason, you must make it up.  Please schedule your make up time with me. 
                I can accommodate your schedule to a point as I am only here on A days.
                I can be here as early as 7:15, I am available during all lunches, and I can stay after school
                until 5:15 (later by special appointment) - There is no reason to have a zero for a lab grade
                because you could not schedule it.  All make up work is to be completed within 4 calendar days
                Remember: Lab grades count as test grades; they matter!
                The "Can this evidence be individualized?" Lab must be made-up by Friday 9/20 A day
    Sept. 09/10 :
                 Ch. 2 Notes "Types of Evidence" - Power point Presentation/ student outline
                 Crime Scene Skit (group activity) Day 2       
                             finish writing the detailed "director's" script for your skit
                             follow the Crime Scene Skit Rubric 
                             make copies of your script for each cast member
                             Performances begin Wed 9/11 GHS;  Th 9/12 EVHS
                Due today: Crime Scene Script
                Home work:  Study Ch 1 and 2  Notes
     Sept. 3 - 6 

    Sept. 05/06 :
                 Ch 1 quiz
                 Read 2 Case Studies: Eugene Watts / Ronald Cotton; write up Case Study Analysis for the
                 Ronald Cotton case 
                             Crime Scene Skit (group activity) Day 1       
                             objective: create a short 3 - 5 minute crime scene skit to present to the class
                             your storyline / idea must be pre-approved by your teacher
                             fine tune your idea by establishing a detailed setting, assigning characters,
                             begin writing dialogue
                             use the Crime Scene Skit Rubric as a guide    
    Sept. 03/04 :
    Forensic Science Timeline - key - review significant dates in class
    Ch. 1 Notes  - Power point Presentation - / complete student outline "types of crimes"
                                        through "facets of guilt"
                Ch.1 Complete Notes
                    Finish  Ch 1 Puzzle (Ch 1 vocabulary review) 
                              Ch 1 pg 17 # 1 - 10 (copy question and write out answer) - in class book assignment
                    Crime Scene Skit (group activity) Introduction       
                             objective: create a short 3 - 5 minute crime scene skit to present to the class
                             invent a storyline / idea and get it pre-approved by your teacher
                             Begin by establishing a detailed setting, assigning characters, action, and a summation
                             use the Crime Scene Skit Rubric as a guide

          Due today:  Ch 1 Puzzle   /   Ch 1 pg 17 # 1 - 10   - in class book assignments
          Home work:  Study Ch 1 Notes and Forensic Science Timeline (Ch 1 quiz Th 9/5 - B day; F 9/6 - A day)
                                 Begin gathering props and costumes for crime scene skit
     Sept. 2   No School - Labor Day
    Aug. 26 - 30
    Aug. 29 GHS/30 EVHS :
                Forensics Time-line - continued (turned in to be graded)
    Ch. 1 Notes student outline  - Power point Presentation/ complete student outline  through  "Miranda v Arizona""
    Ch 1 Puzzle (Ch 1 vocabulary review) - in class only
                Ch 1 pg 17 # 1 - 10 (copy question and write out answer) - in class book assignment
                Recite the Miranda Warning for a  quiz grade

          Due today: Forensic Science Timeline
          Home work: Study Ch 1 Notes (Ch 1 quiz Th 9/5 - B day; F 9/6 - A day)

    Aug. 27 GHS/28 EVHS :
                Miranda Warning warm up (memorize and recite on Day 3)-warm up sheet 
    Forensic Science Timeline - student copy - group work 
                Derren Brown - Observation shorts

             Due today: signed contracts 
             Home work: memorize Miranda Warning (oral quiz next class)


    Aug. 26 EVHS/27 GHS :
    Forensic Science Syllabus 
    Student Parent Contract please sign and return 
    GISD Science Laboratory Safety Contract please sign and return

    Observation Activity 
    CSI  101

          Home work: return 2 signed contracts