Mr. Jordon Vierra

Phone: 512-943-5000


Degrees and Certifications:

BS History Social Studies grades 4-8 Social Studies grades 8-12

Mr. Jordon Vierra

  • Class/Course Information (optional)

    All Students will need to bring a One-Subject Notebook and something to write with on the first day of class.


    Monday – Thursday:  8:00am – 8:30am

    Wednesdays and Fridays:  3:50 – 4:20

    ***If I am not here after school a student should see Mr. Becker ***

    I am also available during my conference periods or by appointment. 


    70% - Test

    30% - Daily Grades


    • if a student scores below a 70 on a test they are able to complete test corrections within three days of the test being returned
    • in completing test corrections the student will write out the complete question followed by the correct answer for every question missed on the original test
    • after successfully finishing and turning in test corrections a student’s grade will be increased to a 70.



    ·         work assigned prior to an absence and due the day of an absence is due immediately upon the student’s return to class

    ·         work assigned on the day of the absence is due within one week of the absence


    ·         late work will be accepted if it is turned in within three days of the original due date

    ·         work not submitted on the due date in the manner prescribed by the teacher is considered late (i.e. work submitted at the end of the school day or to the teacher’s box may be considered late

    ·         late work will be penalized as outlined by the District Policy


    A & B Day 
    1. Athletics
    2. US History
    3. Conference
    4. US History
    5. Athletics