Malia Barth - ILC Teacher



Degrees and Certifications:

Malia Barth - ILC Teacher

Hi!  I am excited to be working at Benold Middle School!

My family and I have lived in Georgetown, TX since 1992.  I have four children that have gone through the Georgetown ISD schools, but they have all graduated and are out in the world.  I have worked in the Georgetown ISD for many years, both as a substitute teacher and as a Paraprofessional, and as a teacher.

I've worked at Benold Middle School for the last 6 years in different areas as a Paraprofessional, including working as an Inclusion Paraprofessional, working in the ILC classroom,and also working in the Content Mastery room as the Lead Paraprofessional.  Last year, I taught Resource Math.  This year, I will be working with the ILC program as a Special Education Teacher. I'm looking forward to a wonderful year!

In my mind, I have always been an educator of some kind.  In junior high and high school, I would volunteer at the local zoo, assisting visitors at the zoo.  In college, I frequently had jobs where I was assisting or teaching in one form or another.  As a parent, I volunteered with Girl Scout troops, church programs, or school programs.

During the school day we are consistently working on our student's language and communications skills, personal care and life skills, social skills, behavior and individualized educational programs or IEP. Due to our students special abilities we may not follow a typical classroom bell schedule.  We will use a variety of activities to address each student's Individualized Education Program.

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Student supply list:

3  boxes Kleenex

2  rolls paper towels

Spare set of clothing (to be replaced as needed)

1  70 sheet spiral notebook (for communication between school and home)

2 pocket folders

Any personal items your student needs at school

More items may be requested as the school year progresses.