•                        Week of: October 23rd - October 27th 
    Unit #3- Genetics
    Science Fusion
    Stem Scopes
    ACTION ITEMS for this week: 
    Monday: Wrap Up our Smiley Face Genetic Lab 
    Tuesday: Create An Alien Genetic Lab 
    Wednesday: Finish our Alien Lab / Kahoot Vocabulary Review  
    Thursday: Bikini Bottom Punnett Square Practice  
    Friday: Vocabulary Quiz / Punnett Square Minion Genetic Practice 

    Vocabulary Quiz: (16 Words): Friday 10/27/17

    TUTORIALS OFFERED:  By Request, due to my current coaching schedule. Any arrangements can be made to accommodate. 
    Parents:-Remind 101: A great tool to get reminders, and updates. Follow the link below to join our class. 

    3-D Cell Model Project (Issued 9/18/17)- DUE 10/10/17


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