• Classroom Rules


    It is essential that every student has the opportunity to learn in a positive classroom environment.  I expect each student to demonstrate positive behaviors while at school and in my classroom.  Positive behavior will create positive results. The following are the expectations of all students:


       1.  Be Productive    - Always stay on task and do your personal best.

       2.  Be Polite         - Use appropriate social skills and show respect to others and their belongings.  Keep your hands, feet, and other body parts as well as objects to yourself.

       3.  Participate         - Be actively engaged in all activities and discussions.

       4.  Be Punctual       - Arrive on time and ready to begin work immediately.

       5.  Be Prepared      - Bring all necessary materials and completed assignments.

       6. Inappropriate behavior and/or language will not be tolerated.



    • Verbal praise
    • Written recognition
    • Positive notes to parents
    • Positive parent phone calls
    • Pride in knowing that you are doing the right thing


    • Verbal warning
    • Teacher/Student conference
    • New seating assignment
    • Parent contact
    • Lunch Detention
    • Teacher/Student/Parent conference/Office referral

    *Severe Disruptions will be sent immediately to the office and parents will be notified

    *Persistent Disruptions will result in parent/student/teacher/principal conference



    Classroom Routines and Procedures


     Entering Class:

    *Come into class prepared to learn and with a good attitude.

    *Turn in all Schoology homework by Friday!!!

    *Fill out your agenda for the day.

    *Look on board to see what materials you will need to be successful for that day and then retrieve them.

    *Sharpen all pencils and throw away all trash before class begins.

    *Sit in assigned seat quietly.


    During Class:

    *Raise your hand to be addressed or to ask a question.

    *Show respect for yourself and others.

    *Sit up. Do not put your head down during class.



    *Students will remain in their seats until the teacher dismisses the class.

    *Clean up your area.

    *Throw away all trash.



    *If you are tardy to class, come in and place your note on the teachers desk. Be seated quickly and quietly.

    *You will not be considered tardy if you are in the classroom AND actively engaged when the tardy bell rings.


    Turning In Work:

    *All homework will be turned in on Schoology by the end of your class period on Friday. If it is not turned in by this time you will recieve an after school detention for the following week. 


    Going To Restrooms/Office/Etc.:

    *Students may not leave the classroom during the first or last 10 minutes of class.

    *Bathroom visits are only for emergencies. You need to use the restroom during passing period.

    *Office visits are at my discretion. Everything should be taken care of prior to the start of the school day.

    *When you leave the classroom you must take your agenda with you. If you don't have your agenda then you may not leave. This is a school rule and I will not budge on it. Only one student at a time may be out of the room.


     Class Discussions:

    *Discussions only work if we respect one another and allow each person to talk without interruptions.

    *The teacher is the discussion leader unless otherwise noted.


    Group work:

    *Groups are assigned by the teacher only.

    *You are given a group grade as well as an individual grade based on your involvement in the assignment.

    *Each member must participate in order to receive credit for the group assignment.

    *Each member will grade each member to be turned into the teacher for evaluation and consideration toward the final grade.



    *Absolutely no talking during a test.

    *Once you have completed your test, you will begin your pretest for the next unit.

    *All tests will be handed directly to Mrs. Klickman.

    *Any materials needed for the test will be provided by Mrs. Klickman prior to testing with the exception of a pencil. You must bring your own writing utensil to class every day.


    Classroom Interruptions:

    *The door is to only be answered by Mrs. Klickman unless otherwise directed.

    *Students are to remain working while a visitor is in the classroom.

    *Students are not to speak with other students who come into the classroom.





      Grading Policy:        The following percentages apply for grade calculation:

                                      40% =  homework, daily quizzes, and class work
                                      60% =  assessments, tests, and projects


     Homework:  You will have homework when it is necessary for the purposes of repetition, enrichment, or reinforcement of topics covered in class.  Your homework will be online through the Schoology Learning Platform. You may work on it throughout the week at your own pace, but all of your homework must be turned in by the end of your class period on Fridays. If it is not turned in by this time it will result in an after school detention for the following week. You will have at least 2 full days in class to work on it as well.


    Late Work Policy:  For late assignments that are not considered make-up work, the following penalties apply: 

    Day 1:              10 points deducted

    Day 2:             20 points deducted

    Day 3:             30 points deducted

    Day 4:             A zero will be assigned for work that is more than three days late.  Assignments must still be turned in even if it becomes a zero to show competency of the subject material.


    Make-Up Work:  If you are absent you will have the opportunity to make up the work unless it is a truancy issue.  You will be allowed the same number of days of your absence to make up the work you missed unless the assignment was made prior to your absence.  It is your responsibility to turn in missed work! 

    *Since most of your learning and work is completed online, many students choose to do their work at home when they are absent so they don't fall behind. Remember: work is due by Friday so you have a lot of time to get it done. I assign all homework on Monday's.