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    Welcome to the Department of Special and Federal Programs!

    The Special and Federal Programs department is dedicated to providing a comprehensive network of integrated services which foster opportunities for all students to receive a quality education and become productive citizens regardless of disability or background.  Special and Federal Programs facilitate a wide range of programs and activities designed to support social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges on a student's educational path.  Teacher and parental support, as well as universal and targeted interventions are provided to meet students' needs in an effort to maximize their potential for success.

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  • Special and Federal Programs

    Jennifer Reyes
    Admin Assistant to Executive Director of Special and Federal Programs
    512-943-5000 x6037


    Special Education

    Karen Vaughn
    Admin Assistant to Director of Special Education
    512-943-5000 x6037


    Federal Programs

    Susan Zamarripa
    Admin Assistant to Director of Federal and Special Programs
    512-943-5000 x6868