• JV Technical Theatre



    Students will focus on enhancing the basic tools and procedures for creating elements of technical theatre as listed below.   Technical knowledge of safety procedures and demonstrated safe operation of theatre equipment are critical elements to succeed in this course.  Students will be required to attend or participate in technical work, rehearsals, and/or performances beyond the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom.

    Course Description:

    JV Technical Theatre class will help develop returning technicians in all the areas of design and theatrical production. You will climb ladders, lift things, build (must pass safety test first), paint, work online, research, work with makeup, and handle very expensive equipment in this class. 

    Every other class period students will be enhancing knowledge from Tech 1 in all areas.

    Every other class period students will be working on a Production Book Project

    Production Book will enhance your knowledge on every area of theatre

    Cover Page: Theatre Name and Location

    Theatre Declaration

    Layout of Theatre

    Production Season --- 5 show  (@least 1 Musical)

    Important dates Handout

    Calendar with ALL necessary dates

    Publicity- poster (aud. and Perf.), tickets, radio announcement, paper editorial, newspaper ad,

    Choose One play and have the following:


    Set Design

    Sound Design

    Lighting Design

    Make-up & Costumes

    Props List

    Stage Manager's Checklist *& Box