• Varsity Tech Production


    Students will focus on enhancing the skills and procedures for creating elements of technical theatre as listed below.   Technical knowledge of safety procedures and demonstrated safe operation of theatre equipment are critical elements to succeed in this course.  Students will be required to attend or participate in technical work, rehearsals, and/or performances beyond the school day to support, extend, and assess learning in the classroom.

    Course Description:

    Varsity Technical Theatre class will help develop returning technicians in all the areas of design and theatrical production. We will work on building your portfolio and getting you prepared for your next stage in life.  In this course you will define the elements of technical production in which you wish to focus on and work in crews to develop designs for these areas.  During production times you will work on getting our show up and running to the best of it’s ability.  You will be required to either design for it, work as lead or member of the crew, or in the least watch it and write a critique if you are unable to work the show.

    What to expect:

    In between events and shows students will work on their portfolios by practicing designs and presentations.  Students will get into a new group for the first 3 nine weeks and work together as a crew on designing and creating presentations to prepare for future interviews.

    For the first 3 nine weeks students will group off and select a play and be responsible for these elements:

    Set Design Sound Design Light Design Costume/Makeup Design

    Props Stage Management Publicity

    The last 9 weeks will be used to work on Senior directed plays that you will be selected for.  You will apply for all the shows and directors will select their designers and crew with the help from Mr. Demitchell and myself.