• Art 1, Art 2, Art 3(Advanced Art)

    Course Description: Students will develop a basic understanding of art through a range of techniques with historical and cultural enrichment. Students will use real life observation, techniques, and skills to help express their selves through art. Students will also gain an understanding of constructive criticism while critiquing other student’s work.




    -Value creating art as a rewarding lifelong activity.

    -Creating artwork through a variety of colors, forms, and lines.

    -Become familiar with a variety of techniques and media.

    -Create work that expresses ideas through a variety of media with appropriate skill.

    -Learning the art of constructive criticism.


    Media/Techniques Covered: Drawing (pencil, ink, crayon, markers, pastel), Painting (tempera and watercolor), and Assorted Three-Dimensional Crafts.

     Artistic Elements and Principles Covered: Line, Shape, Color, Texture, Form, Space, Value, Emphasis, Rhythm, Pattern, Balance, Proportion, and Unity.

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