• 2017-18 Required Supplies 

    The art department provides "the big stuff" but personal supplies are the responsibility of the student.
    Students must have the following (please label everything) by the second week of school:
    Vinyl folder w/brads 
    Composition notebook (the one with graph paper is very helpful but not required)
    Plastic art supply box (I recommend Dollar Tree's toolboxes, they are black and yellow & in the tool section)
    #2 Pencils and/or graphite drawing pencils - not charcoal
    Colored pencils
    Black sharpies
    Pink or white eraser
    Covered pencil sharpener
    Glue sticks
    4oz. white liquid glue (bigger is fine but make sure it fits in the supply box)
    Cap erasers
    Crayola marker set (classic colors) 
    Crayola or prang watercolor Set 
    Wish List Items:
    Any item listed above for a student in need. 
    Clorox wipes, baby wipes, clean yogurt containers, clean microwave meal trays, plastic or paper cups, paper plates, wax paper, foil, poster paper, tissues, hand sanitizer, alcohol wipes, hot glue gun w/hot glue sticks.
    If this is a financial difficulty, students must provide a note signed by the parent explaining why the student is not prepared and I will try to find a way to meet the supply needs of the child.
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