Ms. Gelinas (G)



Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English from University of Michigan MA in Teaching Arts from Liberty University

Ms. Gelinas (G)

I come to Georgetown, TX through a variety of places. I was born and raised on Lake Simcoe and Lake Ontario, Canada where I was a rower who found a college home at the University of Michigan. Go blue! I then worked with high schoolers as a coach and health coordinator in Ann Arbor, MI and Fresno, CA for 5 years, total, before marrying my husband and moving to Italy. In Italy, I worked with elementary aged students and started my teaching certification, which I finished the following year in Columbus, GA. Now I live here in Georgetown, TX, and am settled here for at least a few years. 

I am a passionate educator and mentor, and I love language. Communication is the key to personhood as it allows self expression, relationships and exploration of near anything, and these 3 things are precisely what I seek to facilitate for your students this year. The goal of literacy extension is to reinforce other content areas like social studies and science by exploring those topics through drama, fiction, projects, etc.



  • Class/Course Information

    Our classroom will work collaboratively this year with 2 beliefs at our core. 1) Every person is sitting in the driver seat of their own life. That makes them a leader, and the person in charge of where their life is steering. 2) Struggle is a part of learning, and continuing to struggle is brave. In our classroom, we encourage others as they try, even if they get the wrong number. The way we show this is by snapping our fingers. If we honor these two things, we will create a safe space to truly learn, and hold ourselves accountable to truly try. 
    In this class, students will get to write, listen, speak and read.... 


    1st       8:30-9:20         Literacy Extension
    3rd      10:23-11:13      Literacy Extension 
    5th      11:51-12:41      Literacy Extension
    6th      12:45-1:35        Literacy Extension
    9th       3:05-3:55         Literacy Extension