• 2nd Nine Weeks

    Week 1: October 16- October 20
    Monday: Heat Transfer
    HOMEWORK: STEMscopes Reading Science 6.9AB
    Tuesday: Heat Transfer
    Wednesday: Methods of Heat Transfer: Conduction, Convection, Radiation
    Thursday: Heat Transfer Stations
    Friday: Heat Transfer Stations



    1st Nine Weeks

    Week 9: October 9- October 13
    Monday: No School!
    Tuesday: Forms of Energy- MRS. CENT
    Wednesday: Energy Transformations
    Thursday: Energy Transformations
    Friday: Energy Quiz
    Week 8: October 2- October 6
    Monday: PE/KE Stations
    HOMEWORK: Potential and Kinetic Energy Practice Sheet
    Tuesday: Potential and Kinetic Energy Assessment
    Wednesday: Forms of Energy
    Thursday: Forms of Energy
    Friday: Student Holiday
    Week 7: September 15-September 29
    Monday: Intro to Energy
    HOMEWORK: STEMscopes Reading Science
    Tuesday: Potential and Kinetic Energy of a Roller Coaster
    Wednesday: Energy Skate Park
    Thursday: PE/KE Stations
    Friday: PE/KE Stations
    Week 6: September 18-September 22
    Monday: Variables/Picture Day
    HOMEWORK: Variables Homework (Google Classroom)
    Tuesday: Gummy Bear Lab
    Wednesday: Gummy Bear Lab
    Thursday: Gummy Bear Lab Data & Conclusions
    Friday: Gummy Bear Lab Data & Conclusions
    Week 5: September 11-September 15
    Monday: Measuring Mass (Mrs. Rios out for district training)
    HOMEWORK: Triple Beam Balance Practice
    Tuesday: Measuring Volume (Mrs. Rios out for district training)
    Wednesday: Measurement Stations Lab
    Thursday: Measurement Stations Lab
    Friday: Measurement Stations Lab
    Week 4: September 4-September 8
    Monday: No School
    Tuesday: Review Lab Safety
    Wednesday: Safety Quiz
    Thursday: Begin Unit 2
    Friday: Observation/Inference
    Week 3: August 28-Sept 1
    Monday: Science Journal Set-Up
    Tuesday: Intro to Lab Safety
    Wednesday: Lab Safety
    Thursday: Lab Safety Wanted Poster (Core)/Lab Safety Comic Strip (PreAP)
    Friday: Complete Wanted Poster/Comic Strip
    Week 2: August 21-25
    Monday: Classroom Procedures
    Tuesday: Innovative Introductions
    Wednesday: Social Contracts
    Thursday: Team Building
    Friday: Science Journals
    Week 1: August 17-18
    Thursday: Welcome!
    Friday: Titan Expectations
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