Jerimi Bourland



Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor's Degree Math/Physics Certified Applicator in Pest Control

Jerimi Bourland

I attended The University of Hawaii and graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor's degree in Math and Physics. I have taught all levels of math. I own and coach a select softball organization and have my Certified Applicator's License in pest control. I want to welcome all GHS students and look forward to a great year.

  •                                                                      Class/Course Information


    1.    2 Composition books (70-100 pages each)                                 4.     Box of Tissues

    2.    Sharpened pencils/Blue or black pens/Red pens                         5.     1 pkg. odor-free black dry erase markers (color optional)

    3.    1 Pocket Folder with brads                                                          6.      Package of AA Duracell alkaline batteries – at least 4            

     Optional: TI-84+ or TI-83+ graphing calculator for home use. (This is the one we use in class.)

                                                                                              CLASSROOM RULES

    1. RESPECT yourself, others, and property: I believe respect is the most important element of a great learning environment. This includes adhering to all school rules.

    2. BE PREPARED and Prompt: Bring completed assignments to class. It will be counted late if you turn it in after I ask for it. Be in your seat ready to begin when the bell rings.

    3. MAKE A POSITIVE CONTRIBUTION: This includes being on task and following all school rules.

               Regular Bell Schedule
    Period                      Start                    End
    1st UIL                    8:30 am             9:30 am     (11 min passing)
     Academic               8:45 am             9:35 am     (6 min passing)
    2A/2B                     9:41 am             11:11 am
    3A/3B                    11:17 am              1:22 pm
    4A/4B                     1:28 pm              2:58 pm 
    5th Academic         3:04 pm              3:54 pm
    UIL                         3:04 pm              4:04 pm 
    A Lunch                       B Lunch                       C Lunch                   
    A lunch 11:17 – 11:47 B Lunch 12:08 – 12:38 C Lunch 12:52 – 1:22


                A - Day                                                          
    1st Period - Alg. 1
    2nd Period - PLC
    3rd Period - Alg. 1
    4th Period - Alg. 1
    5th Period - PLC
                B - Day 
    1st Period - Alg. 1
    2nd Period - PAP Alg. 2
    3rd Period - PAP Alg. 2
    4th Period - PAP Alg. 2
    5th Perod - PLC