• English IV 2017-2018

     The 1st & 2nd Nine Weeks
    OWL Perdue Writing Lab (useful for all writing assignments):http://owl.english.purdue.edu/
    ***Completed For Every Nine Weeks:
    Outside Reading ProjectOutside Reading Project Worksheet.
     (This assignment is an on going assignment. Students will complete an Outside Reading Project for each of the four nine weeks). To be turned every nine weeks on the date given in class near the end of of the grading periog!!!
    General Class Rules and Contact Information:***Class Description***
    I. First Nine Weeks:
    1. Merits of a Good Argument;Argument
    2. Anglo-Saxon Period;BEOWULFAS BackgroundBEOWULF Things to remember
        a. Poetry
        b. BEOWULF
    3. College Application Essay;CAE Prompts
    4. Outside Reading Project;ORP Instructions
    II. Second Nine Weeks
    1. Macbeth: Packet and Quizzes
    2. Senior Research; Packet:Research Packet , Rough Draft, Final Draft  
          a. Link to help with Research Paper: 
    4. (Don't forget the Outside Reading Project!)