• English IV 2018

    4th Nine weeks

    OWL Perdue Writing Lab (useful for all writing assignments):http://owl.english.purdue.edu/

         ***Class Description***
    I. Fourth Nine Weeks:
         a. Romantic Period:
              1.Reading Frankenstein
              2.Study Guide Questions
              5.Letter to Creature
         b.Modern Period:
    1.Historical Background pp.1120-1134

    2.Essay describing the Modern Period and it's most notible authors.

    3. Writing 2 essays: What is the worst thing anyone has "done" to you? & What is the best thing  anyone has "done" for you?

    4. Write a short biography for William Butler Yeats; Read Yeats' poetry and answer all questions on pp. 1140-1149.

    5. Write a short biography for T.S.Eliot from page 1155; Read "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" and answer all (see handout) questions.

    6. "Getting to Know T.S.Eliot a Little More": #1. Read and Paraphrase pp. 1160-1166;#2. Read "The Hollow Men"pp. 1163-1166 and answer all questions on page 1166.

    7. Read page 1288 - "The Story Behind The Documents" written by Winston Churchill and paraphrase this information; Then read pp. 1289-1293 and answer all questions on page 1293.  
     8. Dylan Thomas

                       *** Remember to support all of your responses with evidence from the text.***

       A. Read page 1389 and write a short biography for Dylan Thomas (please include information each bold heading).

        B. Read page 1390 “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” and answer the Critical Reading questions on page 1390.

       C. Read pp. 1392- 1394 “Fern Hill” and answer Critical Reading questions on page 1394.


    c. Animal Farm Project:

         1. The Novel:ANIMAL FARM

         2. Russian Revolution and ANIMAL FARM:RR AND AF

         3. Time Line of Russian Revolution and ANIMAL FARM:Timeline AF and RR
         8. Orwell's Biography: Students will create a list of interesting facts about Orwell's life.