2nd Nine Weeks Lesson Plans:  
    December 4 - Replicating Art Project (TEST GRADE)
    STEP 5: Answer questions in complete sentences.
    • What is the title of the work?
    • Who is the artist?
    • How many pictures did you look at before you chose the one you did?
    • Why did you select the photograph that you did?
    • What changes did you make to the original picture?
    • Do you think you created a different mood than the original picture?
    • Which poem did you have a more difficult time writing?  
    • Who was your photographer?  What were their thoughts on the project?
    December 6 - Quick-ish Writes
    December 8 - Replicating Art Project (TEST GRADE)
    December 12 - Odes
    December 14 - Replicating Art Presentations, Semester Test Review
    December 18-21 - FINALS WEEK