• English III

    Please note our daily agenda may change at Mrs. Ray's discretion.

     Second Nine Weeks

    Oct 17/18
    Review for Crucible exam click here for review 
    Finish Character Analysis (social media page) with group

    Oct 19/20
    Crucible EXAM!!!!
    Work on Unit 4 Vocabulary Packet 

    Oct 23/24
    Grammar - reviewing parts of speech
    Unit 4 Vocabulary packet/note cards - test next time

    Oct 25/26
    Grammar practice
    Unit 4 Vocabulary Test

    Oct 27/30
    Always Wear Sunscreen
    Benjamin Franklin readings - maxims and credos
    Compose your own Personal Credo

    Oct 31/Nov 1
    Finish Personal Credo
    Begin Expository Essay on Benjamin Franklin maxim

    November 2/3
    Grammar lesson: dangling and misplaced modifiers
    Continue brainstorming Benjamin Franklin expository essay

    November 6/7
    Grammar practice: dangling and misplaced modifier
    Draft expository essay
    Unit 5 Vocabulary packet

    November 8/9
    Continue working on expository essay
    Unit 5 vocabulary practice

    November 10/13
    Grammar practice - fragments and run-ons
    Unit 5 vocab and expository essay

    November 14/15
    Final copy of expository essay due TODAY - test grade!
    Unit 5 vocabulary test next time

    November 16/17
    Unit 5 Vocabulary test

    November 27/28
    Poetry Terms
    Introduction to Poetry by Billy Collins
    The Lanyard by Billy Collins

    November 29/30
    Poetry Terms #2
    American Poetry Survey - test grade
    Unit 6 Vocabulary packet

    December 1/4
    Unit 6 Vocabulary
    Continue working on American Poetry Survey (with your table)

    December 5/6
    Poetry Survey

    December 7/8
    Poetry Survey
    Notecards for Unit 6 Vocabulary (TEST NEXT TIME)

    December 11/12
    Unit 6 Vocabulary TEST
    Poetry Survey

    December 13/14
    Watch movie: Dead Poets Society

    December 15

    December 18-21