• Middle School Region Choir Audition


    DATE: Saturday, October 21st

    TIME: 7:00am – 2:00pm approx.

    LOCATION: Stony Point High School

    ATTIRE: Dress casual but comfortable

    Cost: $25

    Date of Clinic and Concert (if selected): Saturday, November 4th at GHS PAC



    Participation in the Region Choir Audition process is an opportunity for members of the Varsity Choirs at Tippit.  Varsity students should audition for the Region Choir but will not be required to participate. 

    The Audition Process:  Students will prepare 4 pieces of music.  On Thursday prior to the audition day, portions of the prepared pieces, called cuts, will be selected for the audition. Students will be given the cut information.  At the audition, students will perform the cuts for a panel of 5 judges in a blind audition.  Students will not be able to see the judge and vice versa. Each student receives a score that ranks the students by voice part.  The top 30 students in each voice part are selected for the region choir. 

    Students who will be auditioning while be provided with music and practice tracks.  These should be used regularly for preparation.  Practice (tutoring) times will be available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8:00 am to 8:30 am and after school upon request/appointment.   

    Students must be academically eligible to participate in auditions.  This means receiving a grade of 70 or higher in all classes on the 1B Progress Report on September 29th.

    Students must return the completed form and fee by September 29th to be registered for the region audition. 

    Transportation: Will be provided to and from the event. 

    • We will meet in the front of Tippit at 7:00am and the bus will leave at 7:15am.
    • The bus will leave SPHS immediately after auditions and return to Tippit at approximately 2pm. Students can be picked up directly from SPHS after they have completed their portion of the audition.  Please send an e-mail indicating you will be picking your student up at the audition site prior to the day of auditions.  Students being picked up by a parent must check-out with the Tippit Chaperone.

    What to bring:

    • Your Music. You must have the original music with you to audition. If you do not have originals, you will be disqualified.  Students will receive originals after signing up.
    • Make sure to stay hydrated throughout the day.  You may have a long wait.
    • Bring a snack for yourself.  Avoid chocolate items.  SPHS will have a concession area if you want to bring money. 

    What NOT to bring:

    • Electronic Devices. No electronic devices are allowed at the contest for ANY reason.  This includes Cell Phones, IPods, Tablets, Gaming devices.  If a student has a device, the student will be disqualified.  Cell Phones can be left powered off with a Tippit Chaperone. 
    • Pillows and Blankets. This is not a slumber party it is an audition. Get plenty of rest and be alert and ready for your audition.

    Audition Literature:

    8th Grade Treble

    • Come to the Music
    • Plaisir D'amour
    • Weep, O Mine Eyes
    • Stand Together

      Practice Tracks Folder

    REGION Prep Night: 4Ps – PJs, Practice & Pizza Party

    Thursday, October 19th from 4:30pm until 7:00pm at Benold Middle School

    Bring $3 for pizza and water.