• Eclipse Links for Educators

    Posted by Cori Coburn-Shiflett at 8/18/2017

     These links came across my desk and I hope they would be of use to other educators.

    Below are just several of the good resources that you might want to look at for the upcoming Monday, August 21st, 2017 Eclipse.


    Brain Pop and Discovery Education have things on eclipses also.




    https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/educational-lessons-and-activities  This NASA site has ideas for all subjects.





    http://pbskids.org/readyjetgo/  lower level students 











    Interdisciplinary Sites about Eclipses

    Eclipse Quotations: http://www.mreclipse.com/Special/quotes1.html

    Eclipse Stamps: http://www.mreclipse.com/SEstamps/SEstamps1.html
    Or: http://mseclipse.free.fr/timbres/timbres.htm

    Fifteen Movies that Feature Eclipses: http://cs.astronomy.com/asy/b/astronomy/archive/2014/08/18/15-movies-that-feature-eclipses.aspx

    The Sun-Eating Dragon: Eclipse Stories, Myths, and Legends by Noel Wanner: http://www.exploratorium.edu/eclipse/dragon.html

    Beautiful Tourist Posters for Eclipse Destinations (by Tyler Nordgren): http://www.tylernordgren.com/

    “The Eclipse” by James Fenimore Cooper: http://americanliterature.com/author/james-fenimore-cooper/short-story/the-eclipse

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  • Buncee

    Posted by Cori Coburn-Shiflett at 11/1/2016



    A creation and presentation tool for students and educators to create interactive classroom content, allowing learners of all ages to visualize concepts and communicate creatively.

    Buncee’s interactive, drag and drop interface helps students and educators create engaging multimedia projects and presentations.

    You can access this tool via the website or via the Apple Store for iOS devices.


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