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    Director: Brittany Areias




    Congrats to Wagner's first UIL One-Act Play Cast!!! 

    So You Wanna Be A Cheerleader

    By: M.G. Davidson

    UIL One-Act Play Cast

    Britney- Captain of the Cheer Team                         Addie Coles

    Britnee- Snobby Cheerleader                                         Alexis Gonzalez

    Brittani- Ditzy Cheerleader                                         Jillian Buerger

    Courtney- Sarcastic Cheerleader                              Emma Howell

    Taylor- Shy Student                                                       Hannah Orta

    Patti Marconi - Nerdy Student                                  Madi Ruddick

    Goth Girl- wears all black                                             Jodee Sellers

    McNubbins- athletic student                                      Drake Russell

    Martha- Britney’s Mom                                                Ava Sewell

    Gladys- old person                                                          Delaney Crook

    Max- scared of apocalypse                                           Isaiah Tanguma

    Britnie- normal teen                                                      Ella Pung 


    ***Most of you will have two roles to be responsible for. You will fill in if your role is absent. 

    Taylor                                                                                  Ava Sewell             

    Patti Marconi                                                                   Delaney Crook

    Goth Girl                                                                             Ella Pung

    McNubbins                                                                        Isaiah Tanguma

    Martha                                                                                Hannah Orta

    Gladys                                                                                  Madi Ruddick

    Max                                                                                       Drake Russell

    Britnie                                                                                  Jodee Sellers