• What do I do during the long summer months?


    I have confidence that during the course of the year we have learned strong fundamentals and have a solid process that will allow students to progress during the summer. We have gone through much of the written curriculum in the Sound Innovations, some have started but others should start to apply these fundamentals to the Suzuki progressive Rep. These books are cheap and can be found online at Shar Music. Nobody listens to CD's anymore so save a few bucks and then watch a variety of people perform these pieces on Youtube, there are the good the bad and the ugly recordings on youtube but they are free and entertaining. 


    Tuners are cheap and sometimes free if you shop on your APP store, yep your phone isn't only for texting. 


    Camps! I'm looking into camps, many aren't cheap so if you go you should go to a good one. Make sure that your instrument is accepted and make sure that they hire a teacher for your instrument. Email the directors and ask for scholarship or waiver oppurtunities

    texasstringscamp.com This is a good camp ran by a professor at Southwestern

    University of Texas Middle School Strings Camp- Great camp, great oppurtunity, World Class Bass faculty Mr Leach!

    Some of these have auditions so let me know and I'll help prepare you if you are interested. 




    Justin Farrow- 512-565-9239 farrowj@georgetownisd.org



    Liz Pittel-512-917-1108 lizl@austin.rr.com