• What do I do during the long summer months?


    Camps are the most fun in the summer, and there are MANY Orchestra opportunities out there. Stay local or travel out of state if you want a little cooler temperatures and some fun experiences in the outdoors. There are some beautiful locations for string camps where you perform outdoor concerts and get to go swimming and play games just like al the other summer camps. But, everyone there is into music just like you!


    Scholarships and Waivers are available at almost EVERY camp, so do not be afraid to ask about qualifications!!!


    Texas State Strings Camp

    texasstringscamp.com This is a good camp ran by a professor at Southwestern

    University of Texas Middle School Strings Camp- Great camp, great oppurtunity, World Class Bass faculty Mr Leach!

    Some of these have auditions so let me know and I'll help prepare you if you are interested. 



    Justin Farrow- 512-565-9239 farrowj@georgetownisd.org



    Liz Pittel-512-917-1108 lizl@austin.rr.com



    Rene Piotrowski - mipio@suddenlink.net