• Hi Beginning Orchestra Parents,


    Saturday the 20th is our Schlitterbaun trip!

    We load the Bus and take attendance Promptly at 8:45 as soon as we are all checked in we head out so don't be late, be early.

    There is a chance of Thunder storms that day, I don't make the call, but there is a chance it will be canceled. I'll notify you by email if I hear its canceled. 

    Bring Sunscreen, don't only bring it but apply it, lots of it

    Swim suits required, Towels highly suggested

    Money for snacks, or a storage locker

    Insulated lunch box for food, NO GLASS. We will not stop for food there or back.

    Change of Clothes, Temperature is said to get low in the afternoon

    Kids and chaperones go to Schlitterbaun on the bus and leave on the bus, its safest for all of us.

    We should be back by 9:15pm. I'll have kids text or call in ETAs when we get to Round Rock


    Mr. Leach 775-233-2739