• Going Google
    Frequently Asked Questions


    1. Will I be given an @gmail email address?
    No, you will continue using your “@georgetownisd.org” email address.

    2. Will I be able to use the desktop version of Outlook?
    No, Outlook will no longer be used for district email.

    3. Will I have to sign in and out between my personal and work accounts?
    Yes, Google makes it very easy to switch between accounts in both the web and mobile versions of Gmail.

    4. I am not familiar with Gmail and Google...will I receive training?
    Yes! Our Digital Learning Team is offering multiple training sessions this summer and will be assisting staff all year as needed. Additionally, self-help resources and quick tips will be available on our Going Google resource website.

    5. Are student email accounts being moved to Google?
    Yes, but student email is not being copied from Microsoft Office 365. However, students will still be able to access old emails in Office 365 to retrieve information if needed.

    6. Will we need to back up files we’ve saved in Microsoft OneDrive to some other place before the switchover to Google becomes permanent?
    We won’t need to! You will still retain access to all the Microsoft Office 365 tools you have been using, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive. The only difference is that we will now use Gmail and Google Calendar to replace Outlook.

    7. Will I still be able to use Office 365 apps such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneDrive?
    Of course! These are great apps and we will continue to offer both the online and desktop versions.

    8. Will I be able to access my old email?
    Yes, you will still be able to log into the Microsoft Office 365 Outlook app to access old emails and contacts. However, you will not be able to send and receive from Outlook.