Facility Scheduling & Rental

  • Georgetown ISD is pleased to announce a NEW process for requesting usage of our facilities for the 2017-18 school year!

    Internal staff and external organizations will no longer be required to submit a paper application to a designated campus secretary.  You will be able to enter your own facility usage requests.

    The new system is called FSDirect.  This software is an online facility scheduling system that can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.  Both internal staff and external organizations will be able to enter their requests with complete event information along with the ability to upload documents prior to submission.  All submitted requests are instantly assigned a schedule ID number.  The submitted request will route through an electronic approval process based on the facility requested.  Automatic emails notifications are sent indicating the status of the request.  If approved, the request will then route to the District Scheduler for final coordination and activation.  As of August 17th, the system is now open to all users.
    Public Calendar
    The public calendar shows all scheduled activities that have been approved and activated through the FSDirect system.  Private events and requests that are in process do not show on this calendar.  To view the public calendar, please click HERE.

    GISD Staff 

    If you are a staff member requesting the use of facilities for GISD staff/student activities, you are in the right place!  Note: If you are submitting a request for an external organization (such as a booster club, PTA, etc.), please see the External Organizations section of this webpage.  If you encounter an error message when accessing the system through the links below, try clearing the cookies on your browser.
    Most staff members are Requesters.  Requesters submit facility requests for GISD activities and do not have high-level access to the system.
    Users with high-level access: Site Admin I, Site Admin II, and Service Providers
    The following users have high-level access to the system and are typically involved in detailed scheduling for their facilities, reviewing/approving requests, invoicing or posting payments, and/or supporting events. 
    Site Admin I
    Site Admin II
    Service Provider

    All Site Admins & Service Providers will use this link to access the system: https://login.schooldude.com/sso/default.aspx?acctnum=184920274&productid=FSD

    Meeting Rooms & Computer Labs: 
    Meeting rooms and computer labs will be scheduled within Google Calendar (not FSDirect).  This provides quick scheduling for staff use during normal school/business hours.  The only exceptions will be: Central Office Board Room, Admin Annex Room 15, and the Design Labs at Forbes.  These rooms can be scheduled within FSDirect if they are to be used "after-hours".

    External Organizations

    All external organizations will use the CommunityUse guide and link below.  External organizations are groups such as booster clubs, parent/teacher organizations, youth groups/clubs/camps/clinics, non-profit organizations, and for-profit organizations.  Note: Staff members that represent an external organization and would like to request the use of facilities for that organization should use the CommunityUse guide and link below.
    Read the Facility Usage Handbook, then use the CommunityUse guide below to register as a contact for your organization and submit requests.
    Supporting Documents for CommunityUse: 
    Student Roster form (org types 1 & 2)


    Contact Information 
    Questions regarding middle/high school athletic facilities (including schedule changes & quotes/invoicing), please contact:
    Rhonda Farney (Coordinator): 512-943-5117, athleticfacilities@georgetownisd.org
    Questions regarding the GISD Athletic Stadium, please contact:
    Todd York (Director): 512-943-7180, yorkt@georgetownisd.org
    Fine Arts
    Questions regarding theater facilities (including quotes/invoicing), please contact:
    Gretchen Parker (Secretary): parkerg@georgetownisd.org
    Carol Watson (Director): watsonc@georgetownisd.org
    Questions regarding kitchen facilities, please contact:
    Shawn Cansler (Secretary): 512-943-5193, canslers@georgetownisd.org 
    District Scheduler 
    If you have any additional questions, please contact:
    Kathy O'Connor (District Scheduler): 512-943-5000 x7623, oconnork1@georgetownisd.org (email preferred)