What's Happening this week?



    Week 10:  October 16 - 20 ... First week of the 2nd Nine Weeks ... (Warm up Title 2-1)

    Monday:  Genetics Unit Page... Review Levels of Organization (Heredity version)  Warm Up:  Copy Weekly Agenda

    Tuesday:   Asexula & Sexual Reproduction (Cut & Paste, and Notes using book)  Warm UP: "One similarity between asexual and sexual reproductions is..."  

    Wednesday & Thursday:  Genetics Vocabulary - Students will define words in their own manner and give real world examples.  Warm up (Wednesday):  "Traits are determined by..."; Warm Up (Thursday):   "The difference between incomplete  dominance and codominance is..."

    Friday:  Genetic Notes continued  Warm UP:   As a table, make as many words as you can from:  GENOTYPE/ PHENOTYPE

    Week 9:  October 9 - 13 ... Last week of the 1st Nine weeks... (Warm up:  No Warm ups this week)

    Monday:  No School 

    Tuesday:  Cell Projects due (for those that chose the project options)

    Wednesday:  Paper test for those who did not do a cell project.

    Thursday:  Catch-up or Pickles day - Those with missing work will catch up for partial credit - those with no missing work will get to pick something fun to do.

    Friday:  Heridity Intro day - Students pair up log into class link and go to stemscopes... complete activites with a partner.

    Week 8:  October 2-6 (Warm up title for this week:  1-6 Oct. 2-6)

    Monday:  Microbiology Lab (viewing microscopic samples using a light microscope and recording data).  Warm up:  Copy Weekly Agenda into planner

    Tuesday:  Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration.  Warm up: Microbiology is.... 

    Wednesday:  Review information on Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration - Unit 5 in textbook.  Warm up :  Photosynthesis is....

    Thursday:  Homeostasis notes and discussions.  Warm up:  Cellular Respiration is ...




    Week 7:  September 24- 29  (Warm up title for this week 1-5 Sep. 24-29)

    Monday:  Complete Cell foldable & flip book, begin Cell analigies Warm up:  Copy Weekly Agenda high points into planner

    Tuesday:  Finish Cell Analagies and work on words for word wall.  Warm up:  The function of the cell memebrane is to ...

    Wednesday:    Parts of Cells Mini Assessment.  Warm up:  A nucleus is found in ...

    Thursday:  Classification of living things, Fill in Chart.  Warm up:  2 parts found in plant cells, but not animal cells are ___ and ____.

    Friday:   Probe (Whale &Shrew), Map a microscope diagram.  Set up journal for microbiology lab..  Warm up:  A ____ is the smallest functional unit of an organism.  Turn in warm up 1-5.


    Week 6:  September 18 - 22  (Warm up title for this week 1-4 Sep. 18-22)

    Monday:  Living Things foldable.  Warm up:  Copy Weekly Agenda high points into planner

    Tuesday:  Finish foldable, Begin Cell Theory.  Warm up:  One thing I know about cells is _____.

    Wednesday:    Cell Organelle Vocabulary Foldable.  Warm up:  One thing all living things need is _____, because...

    Thursday:  Cell Organelle Mini Assessment - Due Friday.  Warm up:  One thing I've learned about cells is _____.

    Friday:    Identify & differentiate betweeen cell organelles (Venn Diagram).  Warm up:  It is helpful to study cells because_____. 

    Week 5:  September 11 - 15  (Warm up title for this week 1-3 Sep. 12-15)

    Monday:  Nature of Science Study Guide.  Warm up - Copy weekly agenda into planner

    Tuesday:  Review game / activity Warm up - Give me an example of something that is precise and accurate. And something that is precise but NOT accurate. 

    Wednesday:    Nature of Science & Measurement Test.  Warm up - No warm up today

    Thursday:  Begin Cells Unit - Create unit page, Is it living probe.  Warm up -  What makes something living???

    Friday: Create a  Living things foldable, Review levels of organization, notes - characteristics of living things.  Warm up - Give me 2 examples of living things and 1 example of something that is non living.

    Week 4:  September 4 - 8
    Monday:  No School - Labor Day
    Tuesday: Word wall art completion using unit vocabulary. Warm up: Copy weekly agenda into planner
    Wednesday:  Measurement practice stations Graphing Variables and DRY  MIX to help remember.  Warm up:   Describe how you would measure the volume of a ____ (tools, process) 
    Thursday:  Models and Limitations; Accuracy Vs. Precision (notes and brain pop clips)  Warm up:  I would use a ____ to measure temperature, and a _____ to measure mass.
    Friday:    Study Guide - Complete in class using a power point.  Warm up:   DRY stands for______; MIX stands for _____
    Week 3:  August 28 - September 1
    Monday:  Safety Test (taken in google classroom); Warm up:  Copy weekly agenda into planner 
    Tuesday:  Unit Page design- (Nature of Science & Measurement); Claim, Evidence, Reason Statements - go over what they are and set expectations.  Warm up:  Lab Safety is important because...
    Wednesday:  C.E.R. Practice - "My Dad is an Alien"; Warm up:  When you make a claim you need to ...
    Thursday:  Vocabulary - we will go over the meaning of important vocabulary works and add them to our journals.  Warm up:  A good C.E.R. statement will....
    Friday:  Word wall design - students will take different vocabulary words and design class word wall.  Warm up:  _______ is a difficult vocabulary word for me because, ______.  Something that would help me with it is ______.
    Week 2:  August 21 - 25 
    Monday:   Create class social Contract.  Turn in Eagle Essentials poster from Friday.  (Classes were assigned an Eagle Essential and they were to create a "poster" that depicted that Eagle Essential.  I will send home papers on how to sign up for my Remind notifications. Please sign up if you have not already. 
    Tuesday:  Review Class and School Procedures and Rules.  Create a name plate Emoji   I will send home google classroom permission slips.  Please fill out and return.
    Wednesday:  Review class rules/ expectations.  Set up Journals.  Send home "Science Scoop" - There is a section to sign and return. 
    Thursday:   Students will get signed up for Google classroom.   Science Safety, Symbols and equipment.   
    Friday:  Based on notes from yesterday on Science Safety, Symbols & Equipment - Students in groups will create and present one of the following - A skit, infomercial/ PSA, Poem, or Song/rap.  (Study Guide for Monday's test available on files page)

    Week 1:  August 17-18

    Thursday:  Getting to know each other activities & Setting a foundation activities

    Friday:  Continue activities from Thursday

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